IA Prelims - Results

Show Date: 4/13/2023
Updated: 4/16/2023 at 11:39 PM

All scores posted are not official until 90 minutes after the conclusion of the round or contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges after the final unit.

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No. Group Name Score Division
Independent A
   Round 1    
1Tampa Independent A ( Tampa, FL)89.370-
2Gates Chili Independent Winter Guard ( Gates Chili, NY)86.210-
3River City Rhythm Winter Guard ( Anoka, MN)85.580-
4University of Georgia ( Athens, GA)84.500-
5Zephyrus Independent Winter Guard ( Tulsa, OK)82.220-
6Huron Valley Winter Guard ( Highland, MI)81.890-
7Adventure Independent presented by PIMA ( Greenville, SC)77.950-
8Revolutionary WinterGuard ( Virginia Beach, VA)75.760-
   Round 2    
1The Magnolia Project ( Bowling Green, KY)89.970-
2Cascadia Winterguard ( Portland, OR)85.300-
3Anesidora A ( Arvada, CO)84.980-
4Rangerettes ( Cleveland, OH)84.930-
5Ionic Winter Guard ( Columbia, MO)84.580-
6Westshoremen ( Harrisburg, PA)83.450-
7San Diego State University Aztec Winter Guard ( San Diego, CA)78.690-
8Towson University Winter Guard ( Towson, MD)77.370-
9Lake Erie Regiment ( Erie, PA)74.550-
10Emory and Henry Independent ( Emory, VA)72.360-
   Round 3    
1Les Eclipses ( Longueuil, Quebec)89.180-
2Gold Winterguard ( Covina, CA)86.160-
3Visual Theater ( Clarksville, TN)85.170-
4JMU Nuance A ( Harrisonburg, VA)84.880-
5Emanon ( Hackettstown, NJ)84.230-
6Charles Towne Independent ( Charleston, SC)80.310-
7Opus Independent ( Gastonia, NC)76.850-
8Columbus Saints ( Columbus, OH)68.640-
   Round 4    
1Collage ( Akron, OH)90.430-
2Onyx ( Dayton, OH)87.130-
3National Avenue from Missouri State University ( Springfield, MO)85.870-
4Montage ( Milwaukee, WI)84.060-
5Eagle Mountain Independent ( Saginaw, TX)83.500-
6The Union ( Southgate, MI)82.710-
7FeniX Independent ( Tempe, AZ)80.490-
8Introspection Independent ( Endicott, NY)71.720-
   Round 5    
1Purdue University ( West Lafayette, IN)90.900-
2Caledonia Independent ( Caledonia, MI)86.470-
3Carolina Visual Productions ( Garner, NC)84.990-
4Troy Athens Alias ( Troy, MI)84.460-
5Southern Roots ( Snead, AL)81.410-
6ATX Winterguard ( Austin, TX)79.350-
7The University of Memphis Winter Guard ( Memphis, TN)75.820-
8Perpetuum Winter Guard ( Naperville, IL)74.990-
9Polaris ( Bethlehem, PA)74.600-
   Round 6    
1Pacificaires ( Surrey, B.C. Canada)91.760-
2Noir Independent ( Atlanta, GA)88.590-
3Eklipse A ( Smyrna, TN)84.640-
4Smithfield-Selma Independent ( Smithfield, NC)84.180-
5Crossroads ( Des Moines, IA)81.100-
6McKinney Boyd Independent ( McKinney, TX)80.160-
7Boundless ( Battle Creek, MI)79.250-
8Another ( Wyandotte, MI)77.240-
9High Voltage of Haddon Heights ( Haddon Heights, NJ)75.170-