Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the highest honor to those individuals who make a significant contribution to WGI, and who have in some way influenced the course of our history. Their contribution may be made through artistic standards, administrative leadership or adjudication.


Carol Abohatab – Campbell, CA

From the beginning of her career, Carol was destined to blaze a trail through the indoor marching arts. With early affiliations to groups like Quasar, Erte, and State Street Review, her abilities as a performer and educator would shape the movement programs of many of WGI’s most iconic participating groups. 

Since then, she has taught at Emerald Marquis, San Jose Raiders, SCV Winter guard, and many different local area high schools. In addition to teaching the next generation of WGI, she shares her love for the activity through adjudication, dedicated to upholding the standard for excellence that she helped to set throughout her career. 


Wayne Harris – San Francisco, CA

Harris found his love for the marching arts early in his life but didn’t get involved in the winter scene until 1972. While taking acting classes in Canada, Harris realized the techniques he was learning could easily apply to the marching arts performances he enjoyed watching and teaching so much.

Over the following decades, he taught countless performers how to create a storyline through their facial expressions and body language, influencing generations of the activity with his knowledge of storytelling. He continues this practice with many different groups to this day, pushing the boundaries of creativity and expression on the performance floor.


Rosie Miller Queen – Huntington Beach, CA

Every once in a while, an individual comes along with an unparalleled sense of creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence that fuels the growth and evolution of the activity. Rosie Miller Queen is a fierce advocate for the indoor marching arts, and her influence can be seen across decades of WGI’s organizational and competitive scenes. 

The marching arts played a significant role in Rosie’s life and helped shape her into who she is today. Throughout her many roles in the activity as a performer, educator, designer, adjudicator, and mentor, she has continued inspiring those around her.



Tim Bray – Danville, VA

Tim Bray has been a driving force at Tunstall High School and in the marching percussion activity for over 25 years. As an educator seeking new opportunities for his students, Tim traveled to the WGI 1995 World Percussion Finals as an observer. The next year, Bray took both marching and concert ensembles to the WGI 1996 World Championships. And in 1997, Tunstall HS made finals in both classes. Since then, they have gone on to become a 19-time concert class finalist and 7-time concert class medalist.

Tim was also the founder and director of The Virginia Helmsmen, who participated in WGI Regionals and Finals during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Tim’s dedication to carrying the torch of WGI in both the marching and concert divisions over many years speaks to his “esprit de corps” both locally and nationally.


Shane Gwaltney – Nashville, TN

During his scholastic years at Mt. Juliet High School in the Nashville area, Shane Gwaltney participated in both winter guard and drumline. When a new independent line called Music City Mystique formed, he jumped at the opportunity—here, Shane marched from 1995-1999, winning three consecutive WGI World Championships (1996-1998).

In 2000, Gwaltney joined MCM staff. Since then, he’s worn a variety of hats in the program, including Battery Arranger, Visual Designer and Program Coordinator. In 2001, he began a partnership with Choctawhatchee HS, earning a Scholastic Marching Open Gold Medal in 2002.

Shane’s innovative and trend setting musical and visual designs have become a mainstay in the WGI, BOA, and the DCI arenas. Shane has been involved with numerous groups—both percussion and winds—and continues to support the marching percussion activity as a freelance arranger and clinician.


Caleb Rothe – Cucamonga, CA

From his time designing and teaching Ayala High School’s PSW and PSCW ensembles
to World Championship titles, to his founding involvement with Pulse Percussion, Caleb Rothe has been integral in the development of the art of indoor percussion.

In indoor competition, his ensembles have collectively won 9 WGI World Championship medals and been WGI World Championship Finalists 25 times. On the field, his groups have previously been named DCI Division III World Champions, Bands of America Grand National Finalists and Bands of America Regional Champions. As a designer, educator, director, board member and administrator, Caleb always leads by example while bringing a fresh detailed approach to a multitude of disciplines.


Eileen Cunningham – Dorchester, MA

Eileen Cunningham is a WGI lifer. If that term could apply to one person’s service to one guard, it certainly applies here.
Eileen joined St Ann’s in 1965. She has been involved with the organization ever since, influencing thousands of lives in the process. Under her leadership, the organization had an eight-year run with multiple guards in Finals from 1995-2002. In 1998, alone, St. Ann’s had three groups in Finals at the World Championships.


William Harty – Glenn Ellyn, IL

From attending the initial setup meetings while WGI was still a concept, to contributing towards the development of WGI’s judging philosophy, William Harty has held a crucial role in shepherding the activity into what it is today. Beyond Harty’s behind-the-scenes accomplishments, he served as a WGI Board member and had a very active career in forming and directing the Chicago-based Guardsmen Winter Guard, which was well known for creating thematic, crowd-pleasing shows.


Daniel Wiles – Avon, IN

Following more than three decades of unparalleled work as a performer, instructor, and designer, Daniel Wiles has become a mainstay for WGI. His innovative mind and groundbreaking work has helped guide groups such as Lincoln-Way HS and Southport HS to become gold medalists, and Avon HS to ten different WGI medal placements. Daniel’s passion, leadership and vision have impacted WGI history for years to come.


Tom Beresford – Poughquag, NY

Tom Beresford is an accomplished instructor and designer, working with the Sunrisers and Bridgemen Drum & Bugle Corps, along with many other bands on the east coast. Within WGI, Beresford’s positions have included Regional Director, Contest Administrator for Regionals and World Championships, serving with the Site Management Committee, WGI Strategic Planning Committee, and the Steering Committee. Beresford is highly respected by colleagues and friends, especially in the marching arts for his devotion and wisdom throughout the decades.


Tim Fairbanks – Dayton, OH

Tim Fairbanks brought Centerville High School to their first WGI Percussion World Championships in 1998. They would go on to win the Gold Medal at World Championships in 1999. A few years later, he began working with a new line known as Rhythm X. Within the next twenty years, Fairbanks earned seven Gold Medals and many Silver and Bronze Medals. Fairbanks is an expert in show design and has even worked overseas with Japan’s Aimachi and the Senators and The Company from England. He has served on the Advisory Board since 1998 and has been involved with the Steering Committee, Board of Directors, and serving two terms as Treasurer for the Executive Committee. Fairbanks is currently Vice President of the Percussion Division. While this honor is bestowed based on Fairbank’s lofty achievements, he is still in his prime as a designer, and fans can look forward to viewing his creations for many seasons to come.


Michael Shapiro – Lake Balboa, CA

Shapiro’s World Class marching career began with the Alliance of Miami in 1987, where he performed until 1992, spending his summers with Spirit of Atlanta and Madison Scouts, respectively. After his formative years as a performer, Michael taught and assisted at The Company and Chimeras. Later, he began teaching in Ohio with Carroll High School. His career would span across the country as he taught the likes of Centerville High School, Diamond Bar High School, and Crown Guard, to name only a few. In more recent years, Shapiro has continued to captivate audiences and take home the highest rankings in the activity with his work with groups such as Corona and Tarpon Springs. Shapiro is known within the winter guard community for his masterful musicality and unique conceptualization. His creative voice is bright and distinct, recognizable to anyone familiar with his work. Many of Shapiro’s students have gone on to become top-notch designers and teachers themselves. Shapiro pushes the geographical boundaries of the activity with influence in North America, Europe, and Asia. Over the past 17 years, Shapiro has helped shape Mayflower into a consistent WGI World Class Finalist. He has been a part of carefully shaping and nurturing the color guard community in the UK.


Peggy Twiggs – Revere, MA

In 1967, Twiggs began marching in Drum Corps International with the IC Reveries, later called the 27th Lancers, where she spun flag until her age out season in 1973. It was during this time that the famous “Peggy” spin came to fruition. Peggy started developing “routines” for the flags and once her drill instructor saw what she was doing, she was asked to create a “trick flag” line. The flag line began learning all kinds of spins and tosses, which led to the “Peggy” spin being incorporated into the 27th Lancers’ 1972 show. Since then, the “Peggy” spin has also been used over the years in programs all around the world. This spin left a monumental mark by adding a new level of technicality to the activity. After aging out of drum and bugle corps, Peggy spent her time teaching local color guards and in 1978 she became involved in the first ever season of Winter Guard International. Since the inception of WGI, she has left her mark on many incredible groups that have taken the floor at World Championships. Peggy’s legacy is not limited to her contributions to color guard technique, as her teaching style has left an immense impact on all who have had the privilege of working with her.


Jonathan Vanderkolff – Bloomington, IN

Jon marched with the crosstown Kiwanis Kavaliers; then, as a member of the Garfield Cadets in the 1980s. He majored in music and graduated with an honors degree from the New England Conservatory. His eye for innovation and detail soon propelled him into the elites in the field of visual design. Vanderkolff designed Star of Indiana’s iconic 1993 Barber and Bartok show, which continues to influence drill writers to this day. He has served as Visual Designer for the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps since 2013 and helped the group win their first DCI championship last August. Other notable corps who have marched his drills include the Madison Scouts and Ventures. His work for Blast! won an Emmy Award for Best Choreography and also garnered a Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event. His work has won international accolades, as he helped design winning programs for Soka Renaissance Vanguard in the Drum Corps Japan circuit. Within the realm of winter guard, Vanderkolff designed for Emerald Marquis from 1993 through 1999, earning a Gold Medal in 1999. His work with Santa Clara Vanguard earned Championships in 2009, 2011, and 2015. During this time he was also elected by the Color Guard Advisory Board to serve on the Steering Committee for three consecutive terms. Jon worked to broaden the design and effect captions judging criteria to reward creative and unique programs.



Neil Larrivee – Norwood, MA

If there is one thing that Neil Larrivee has known his entire life, it’s drumming. Neil’s first WGI success story began when he become the Percussion Director and Arranger as well as Co-Marching Band Director of King Philip Regional High School in 1985. Ten years later, Neil formed King Phillip’s first indoor percussion ensemble and brought them to WGI in 1996. The King Phillip HS drumline had much success after their debut placing in the top three until 2001. In 2002, Neil became the pit arranger for Dartmouth High School. While at Dartmouth, the indoor percussion ensemble received a WGI Scholastic World medal for five consecutive years. Neil also served as a member of the WGI Percussion Advisory Board and Steering Committee. He played a crucial role in helping to shape the indoor percussion activity during a major stage of development.



JC Connor – Crestview, Florida

Southern native JC Connor was a valued pioneer and relentless contributor to the WGI organization. During his time, JC served the activity in many executive capacities. He became WGI’s Southern Regional Director in 1983 and held that position for 16 years, overseeing massive growth of winter guards in southern states. This was largely due to his efforts to create a separate WGI Scholastic division out of the previous “one division fits all” format of WGI’s earlier years. The addition of a new scholastic division contributed to a massive growth of units in the southern region and eventually all across the country. His continued mission of promoting the Scholastic division donned him the “Champion of Scholastic Units.” Although JC is no longer with us physically, his decades of influences to the organization will continue to flourish for years to come.


Charles Gumbert – Cincinnati, Ohio

Charles Gumbert known to many as “Charlie” is the Director of The Pride of Cincinnati Winter Guard (POC). He first became involved with the POC organization as a marching member in1983 and continued to support the unit through multiple roles as a technician, designer, administrator and director. Under Charlie’s direction, the Pride of Cincinnati has medaled in every WGI Color Guard World Championships performance since 1997, which includes four Independent World Class gold medals. He has also served on Winter Guard International’s Advisory Board as well as the Board of Directors of the Tristate Marching Arts, WGI and POC. His presence at WGI is ubiquitous at all levels. He is a fierce competitor, a role model, and a responsible leader for the activity as a whole.


Paul Lampkin – Sanborn, New York

Paul Lampkin has been judging winter guard shows for more than three decades. During his active tenure at WGI he has served as Chief Judge, Task Force Coordinator, and Caption Chairperson in the General Effect Section. Since 1980, Paul has exemplified the true values of WGI adjudication by setting the standards for fair critique and professionalism. He is a WGI ambassador that is constantly questioning his decisions and seeking reasons behind other’s decisions. Paul is a true role model to all adjudicators who have critiqued along side him and who will soon come after his time.



Tom Aungst – New Bedford, MA

Tom Aungst is the Director of Percussion at Dartmouth Public Schools in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Mr. Aungst has been in the Dartmouth school system for the past 22 years. Under Tom’s direction Dartmouth has participated in the WGI indoor percussion activity since 1998, capturing four World Class Percussion Championships (1998,1999,2008,2009) and has consistently placed in the top three. Mr. Aungst has also been involved in the Drum Corps activity for over 34 years. Tom got his start in the late 70’s by marching with the Reading Buccaneer’s all-age corps. He was also formerly with the Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps. While with the corps, Tom was involved with capturing nine World Championship titles and 7 percussion awards. Tom is a member of The Cadets and Drum Corps International Hall of Fame. Mr. Aungst is a Graduate of West Chester University, where he received his bachelors in Music Education and has a Masters in Jazz Performance from Rutgers University. Tom is a Vic Firth, Yamaha, Zildjian, and Remo artist.


Julie Davila – Murfreesboro, TN

Julie Davila is a member of the WGI nationally recognized adjudication team and serves on the steering committee for WGI Percussion. As a percussion specialist in Nashville, Tennessee, many of her ensembles have medaled in all divisions of the WGI activity, and in 1996 the John Overton High School Indoor Percussion Ensemble won their class under her direction. Julie is a member of the chamber percussion ensemble the CAIXA TRIO, winner of a 2011 “Drummie” award by Drum Magazine, and is also an adjunct professor of percussion at MTSU. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Percussive Arts Society and served as the chair of the Marching Percussion Committee of the Percussive Arts Society from 1998 – 2007. She is currently the battery arranger for the Music City Drum Corps, Nashville, Tennessee and the percussion coordinator and arranger for the Middle Tennessee State University Band of Blue Drumline. Julie received her degree from the University of North Texas. Julie is an endorser and clinician for the Pearl Corporation, Innovative Percussion, the Avedis Zildjian Company, Grover Pro Percussion and Evans Drum Heads.


James J. Dwyer – Lansdale, PA

James J. Dwyer is the Visual Caption Head for WGI Percussion. He has served on the WGI Steering Committee. He is a founding board member of the Mid-Atlantic Percussion Society. He has judged extensively throughout the United States as well as Japan and Europe. Jim has been involved in the Marching Arts for over thirty years.  He was a snare drummer for the Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps from 1980 through 1983. He served as the Director of Percussion for North Penn High School from 1981 through 1987. Jim, along with Tom Kelly, were the Directors of Percussion for the Undefeated Champion Conquest Alliance Drum Corps in England for the 1984 season.  He is currently a sought after adjudicator and clinician focusing on indoor percussion.  He is the host of the WGI “Visual Buzz” educational DVD.



Edward J. Devlin – Wakefield, MA

Ed Devlin was asked to join the staff at Blessed Sacrament to help out with the “M&M” (marching and maneuvering) caption in the 1984 season. As his experience at Blessed Sacrament accumulated, he took on several roles as well as becoming the Director of the organization in 1994, which also allowed Ed to become a member of the WGI Board of Directors where he has been ever since. Ed also has a longstanding local success designing drill with the King Philip HS music program in Wrentham, MA. Has also held judging positions with the Massachusetts Judges Association and Drum Corps International. Through his long-term tenure at Blessed Sacrament and on the WGI Board, Ed has been witness to the vast positive changes that have come to WGI. He lives in Wakefield, MA, literally just a few houses down from where Blessed Sacrament rehearses each week, with his wife, Karen and their two cats.


Fred Feeney – Long Beach, MS

Fred started training as a color guard judge as soon as he aged out in 1980 and was one of the first judges for the Gulfcoast Color Guard Circuit which was formed that year.  He has served as Chief Judge of the Gulfcoast Judges Association, the organization that provides judges to five different circuits across the Southeastern United States, for over 25 years.  Fred started judging for Winter Guard International in 1983 and judged his first WGI Championship in 1984. Fred Feeney served as Chief Judge of the Color Guard Division of WGI for 12 years from 1994 to 2006.  He currently serves as at large member on the WGI Board of Directors and has been the Chair of the Board’s Education Committee. In his life away from pageantry he is a partner in a Gulfport, Mississippi law firm where he has a very active litigation practice handling cases in state and federal court.  He is married to Susan Labrecque and has three beautiful and talented daughters.


Dale Powers – Rockland, MA

Dale began his color guard career in 1978. After Dale’s first high school he directed in West Bridgewater disbanded, he founded the Emerald Marquis. In 1991, Emerald Marquis received their first silver medal at WGI and after 14 years the Wakefield, MA guard finally received the gold medal in 1999 with their performance “The Great Divide.” After folding Emerald Marquis in 2001, Dale assumed the role of Color Guard Coordinator at WGI. Under this position Dale has helped re-develop the regional competitions by introducing power regionals and creating semi-finals. He is one of the major reasons why WGI holds events in big arenas to make the competitions feel special and impactful for all performers. He has served on the board of directors for 22 years and the executive board for 10 years. Dale now works full time at New York Life as a Director in the Compliance Department. He currently lives in Rockland, MA with his wife Elizabeth and their son Nicholas.



James “Jimmy” Haskell – Indianapolis, IN

Jimmy Haskell first worked for WGI as a Timing & Penalties Judge in 1985 at the Indy Regional. In 1995, he assisted the running of the first WGI Indy Percussion Regional.  Jimmy is also a Founding Members of the Indiana Percussion Association (IPA) where he served many roles during the first 10 years of that circuit’s existence. Jimmy now serves as a WGI Percussion Administrator making sure no detail goes unnoticed and no stone unturned.


Scott Johnson – Pittsburg, CA

Scott Johnson has been a driving force in indoor percussion first as an instructor of the 2002 and 2003 Riverside Community College Drumline.  Shortly after, Scott’s passion for the indoor activity led him to the other side of the equation – judging – and his assignments have included numerous marching band and percussion competitions around the world, including WGI and PAS championships.  Scott also served on the first WGI steering committee and was a member of the WGI advisory board for several years.


Jim Wunderlich – Corona, CA

Jim Wunderlich  has helped to churn out 16 years of PSW Finalist ensembles at Mission Viejo High School. Jim has also written and arranged for Riverside Community College since 2004.  Jim has served on the WGI Percussion Advisory Board since 1996, and is a founding member of the Southern California Percussion Alliance. He is a highly sought after front ensemble & wind arranger, and actively works on several projects in SoCal while also running his music website, Wunderpit Music.



Ruth Ann Medworth – Brazil, IN

Ruth Ann Medworth has been the Color Guard Director at Northview High School and the former Brazil High School since 1977. Throughout that time the groups under her leadership have always been known as entertaining and fun for the members and audience alike. The Northview Winter Guard has been a WGI Scholastic World Class Finalists twenty times. Ruth Ann has served on the Board of Directors for IHSCGA and WGI and was Vice President of WGI from 1995 to 2009.


Kevin Roberts – Huntington Beach, CA

Over the past 30 years Kevin has designed for many WGI winter guards some of which include: Canadian Royalaires, Velvet Knights, Avatar, Solution Performance Ensemble, Pacificaires, Perpetual Motion, Arcadia High School, Rancho Cucamonga High School and Woodbridge High School. Kevin’s WGI career started in 1983 as the Western Regional Director and a member of the WGI Board of Directors. He started judging for WGI in 1989 and has been a Movement, GE and EA judge as well as serving on the Task Force as caption facilitator for both the GE & EA captions. Currently, he is the GE caption manager. In his professional life, Kevin has a B.A. in Psychology and is the owner of Creative Costuming & Designs, Inc. in Huntington Beach, CA. He is married with 2 children.


Noreen Roberts – Huntington Beach, CA

Noreen’s WGI career started in 1988 when she became the WGI West Coast Regional Director and was a member of the Board of Directors. In 1991 she became the 2nd Vice President on the Executive Committee followed by 1st Vice President in 1993. In 1994 Noreen became President of the WGI Board of Directors and served in that position until 2000. In 2004 she returned to the Board of Directors as a member at large and continues to serve in that position today. Noreen has two children and they have performed in guards she instructed; Chad in Canada with the Canadian Royalaires and Jessica with E’chappe in Southern California. Noreen is also owner of Creative Costuming & Designs, Inc.



Don Click – Katy, TX
Don is a co-founder of the Music City Mystique Youth Organization and served as the Music City Mystique Executive Director until 2006. Don has been a consistent contributor in the formation of the WGI Percussion holding roles with the Percussion Advisory Board, Percussion Steering Committee, Board of Directors and Executive Board. He is among a handful of people whose vision clearly shaped the direction of the indoor activity in a time when it was evolving quickly


Daniel Fyffe – Indianapolis, IN
Daniel’s commitment to excellence, combined with his dedication to his students helped him lead the Franklin Central Percussion Symphony to six WGI Scholastic Concert titles in seven years. Franklin Central set the standard in WGI Concert Percussion and would return to the floor attempting to excced the standards they set the year prior. As their director and arranger, Daniel helped change the way people think about WGI Concert Percussion.


Mike Jackson – Orange County, CA
In fifteen years of bringing ensembles to the competition, Mike gathered an unprecedented eighteen medals at the WGI World Championships and Mission Viejo HS, has been a consistent World Class finalist for the past 15 years. Nation-wide, Mike is regarded as one of the indoor percussion trendsetters. Mike’s programs have been some of the most memorable, esteemed, and epitomized shows the indoor percussion activity has ever seen.


Andy Sanders – Southaven, MS
For more than 10 years, Andy has served as the Percussion Judge Coordinator for Winter Guard International. Andy has worked tirelessly to expand the WGI Percussion judge roster, organize judge assignments, and attend to the general well being of all those involved in this competitive activity. His genuine integrity, concern, passion and care for the educational process have made WGI percussion a stronger activity.



Marlene Miller – Dayton, OH
Marlene Miller is the matriarch of the Miller family for over 50 years. Along with Fred, her husband and WGI Hall of Fame honoree, she has been involved in all aspects of the pageantry arts activity.  Since the 1970’s, Marlene has been known for her designs for the Miller Blackhawks and WGI Scholastic World Champion Miamisburg High School and has earned a reputation as a favorite design source, designer, and advisor.  Today Marlene is a cornerstone of the success of the FJM business, a staple in the color guard, marching band, and drum corps field.


Donald Angelica – 1937 – 1987
A visionary and one of the founders of WGI, he was a force in challenging designers to push boundaries while mentoring creative minds in a young WGI. A fierce advocate of the “new”, he was on the front edge of color guard at the beginning.


John Brazale – 1947 – 1993
Leading the Phantom Regiment to consecutive championships in 1979 and 1980, he created the “total concept” show still in use today. His creative exploration of soundtrack and costumes to tell a story set the direction for a new generation.


Steve Brubaker – 1953 – 1993
A cornertone in the development of staging concepts, he work with the Cavaliers led to a string of world championships. His unique approach to entertainment sill remains a standard for today’s designers.


Tam Easterwood – 1958 – 1995
A key player with the State Street Review instructional staff, he took the rifle and its role in show design to a new level. Swearing he would never “just spin” long and intricate phrases became his signature.


Bruce Leo – 1947 – 1978
Through his work with St. Anthony’s Imperiales, he was a strong voice in the early days of WGI. Inspiring many instructors with his approach to classical color guard, he paved the way for a new era of the activity.


Bob Wiles – 1943 – 2000
Most known for his tireless work as a key player on the championships volunteer staff, he also was director of Anthron to turn the concept of traditional color guard upside down and challenged both audience and judges with a bold new approach.


Harvey Wingo – 1948 – 2008
Known as “Mr UD”, he was the face of the World Championships for  decades. His passion and enthusiasm was his motivation to lead WGI volunteer staff in creating memorable performance opportunities.


George Zingali – 1951 – 1992
Unquestionably one of the most creative minds of the first generation of WGI, his innovative design led Quasar to the first WGI Championship. Erte Productions cemented his legacy as one of the architects of modern indoor color guard.



Dave Marvin – Westminster, CO
Dave has been the Percussion Director at Northglenn High School for the past 30 years and designed for the four-time WGI World Champion the Blue Knights World Percussion Ensemble.  He has served on the WGI board of directors, is currently the President of the Rocky Mountain Percussion Association, and was instrumental in the creation of “Stampede”, the first officially endorsed and sponsored drumline in the National Football League.


Jay Webb – Avon, IN
Jay became the Director of Bands at Avon High School in 1993 and has helped Avon become the “poster child” of how the WGI system works.  He’s worked with the ISSMA State Music Board, the Indiana Percussion Association (an organization which he co-founded), and WGI’s advisory board, Percussion Steering Committee, and board of directors.


Michael Gaines – San Francisco, CA
Known for his ability to design shows that appeal to the crowd, Michael has had a wildly popular association with Pride of Cincinnati and Aimachi color guard and indoor percussion ensemble from Japan. Michael has been a driving force for the WGI Board of Directors as well as the Color Guard Task Force.


Randy Nelson – Fort Walton Beach, FL
Randy has served on the Board of Directors for over 20 years and acted as President since 2000. Overseeing recent major changes in WGI, including a sweeping reorganization, his leadership has been crucial to the growth and success the organization has experienced. Randy was the Director of Bands at Choctawhatchee High School.  For Choctaw, 1990-1992 saw consecutive silver medals and enshrined Choctawhatchee in color guard history.



Cosmo “Gus” Barbaro – Edinboro, PA
Gus was a key member of the initial percussion management team. He served as the first Percussion Educational Director from 1993 until 1996 when he became Percussion Coordinator. As Educational Director, Gus was responsible for gathering all the percussion judging criteria available at the time and compiling it into what has served as the foundation for the successful judging system used today.


Dennis DeLucia – Little Silver, NJ
Dennis DeLucia is one of the most respected percussion teachers, arrangers, clinicians, and judges in the United States. A member of the WGI Percussion judging community since 1995, Dennis has enthusiastically brought his years of pageantry experience and wisdom to the indoor competitive arena, serving as a benchmark as well as “devil’s advocate” to the ever changing environment of adjudication.


Mark Thurston – Limerick, PA
Mark joined WGI Percussion in 1996 as a judge, and then served as the Educational Director in 1997-1998. He became Percussion Coordinator in 1999 (a position he still holds) and has been the guiding force behind the exceptional growth of the indoor percussion activity ever since.




George Oliviero – Walnut Creek, CA
George has an unparalleled history of service training judges. George served as the WGI Assistant Director of Education where he helped many judges enter the WGI judging arena. George has been extremely active on the Task Force, serving as a Facilitator in Movement and EA throughout the years. George is a mentor to many, a gentleman to all and is always willing to volunteer his time and energy to WGI and excellence in adjudication.


Mark & Mike Miller – Dayton, OH
Mark and Mike Miller were born into the world of pageantry. After aging out of the Miller’s Blackhawks, they continued to teach until the Blackhawks organization was retired in 1990. Mark and Mike also instructed the Miamisburg High School Winter Guard from 1980-2002 winning Scholastic World gold medals in 1991, 1992 and 1998. They both served on the WGI Board of Directors for 21 years and served on the WGI Task Force where they worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of color guard.


Karl Lowe – San Diego, CA
The premise of innovation, imagination, quality and risk are only a few words that apply to the unparalleled contributions he has made to WGI. Karl has brought us program concepts that have awakened awareness in our minds. From Odyssey to Fantasia he has been intense in his approach to his programs as well as his respect for his competitors.


Jeffrey Namian – New York City, NY
Through his work with units such as Skylarks, Blessed Sacrament, Genesis II, Choctawhatchee and Tate, Jeff has continued to set new artistic standards year after year. His imaginative designs have spanned two decades and reached all three classes of competition. Jeff was also a major contributor to the development of the World Championship yearbook. He has served five terms on the WGI Task Force.




Denise Bonfiglio – Revere, MA
Denise served on the task force for nearly ten years while mentoring young instructors who have graduated from her color guards, including Emerald Marquis. Denise was also responsible for the 27th Lancers whose impact opened the door for small guards within the World Class.


Marie Czapinski – Chicago, IL
Marie is an original founder of WGI and served as Chief Judge in the early years of the organization. She was instrumental in the development of WGI in the early 1980’s and has a long and successful history of judge development within the Midwest.


Ward Durrett – Estes Park, CO
Ward is considered by many to be a Founding Father of indoor percussion. He was pivotal in the development of the Percussion Division within WGI serving as Chief Percussion Judge for several years. His vision helped define the standards within this division.





Scott Chandler – Walnut Creek, CA
Scott has created an amazing span of talent and contribution to this activity. His work with James Logan High School, Blue Devils, State Street Review, Tate Chaparrals, to name a few, are examples of his passionate approach to pageantry.


Harry Sampson – 1920 – 2014
New England’s Regional Director since the inception of WGI, Harry continues his commitment to the development of WGI. A specialist in timing and penalties, he is a resource for units and other regional directors.


George Lindstrom – Arvada, CO
The expansion and growth of WGI is directly due to the vision of this man who is responsible for the creation of both the Percussion and Marching Band divisions. George served as Contest Manager for the World Championships, strategic planning consultant and tireless volunteer.


Vincent Monacelli – Rochester, NY
A builder of champions, this innovative designer was pivotal in uniting the East and West when WGI was founded. Director of such color guards as Holley Hawks and Bishop Kearney, Vinnie created unique shows that are still benchmarks of performance excellence.


Mary Denniston – Sayreville, NJ
An adjudication leader for more than 30 years, Mary’s integrity and commitment to the performers has set her apart. She served on the WGI Task Force for a number of years and continues to offer a wealth of information to guards, beginning judges, and pageantry as a whole.


Fred J. Miller – 1932 – 2012
Founder of the Miller’s Blackhawks, Fred is considered a master showman of color guard. He served as WGI Financial Director for a number of years and contributed to our growth through his expertise as unit director, local circuit administrator, and enthusiastic advocate.


Jay Murphy – Walnut Creek, CA
Through his shows with St. Anthony’s Imperiales, Blue Devils, San Jose Raiders, Clovis West High School, and other units, Jay’s approach to color guard marks him as the paradigm which has defined the standards of design and creativity.



Mickey Kelly – Madison, CT
Under his direction, the Skylarks were one of the most creative units in the history of WGI. Mickey also served as Judge Coordinator, bringing standards, accountability and quality to the adjudication.


Wayne Wengert – 1934 – 2007
Our organization was incredibly impacted by technological advancements brought by Wayne. His computer expertise, linked offices in 4 states, created the original WGI web page and designed the tabulation programs that are still in use today.


Dolores Zappala – Wakefield, MA
President of the Board of Directors for more than a decade, Dolores spearheaded WGI through its’ critical growing years as an organization. As director of Blessed Sacrament, she leaves a legacy that thrives to this day.



Sal Salas & LuAnn Russell-Salas – Madison, WI
Leaders in innovative design and authors of the grand production within color guard, Sal and LuAnn created the State Street Review and moved the activity into a new level of entertainment. Their legacy survives today as their many alumni now instruct their own units.



Stanley Knaub – 1951 – 2002
Stanley was responsible for securing the funding and organizing the meeting that ultimately founded WGI. He revolutionized the activity with the addition of dance to color guard. Stanley passed away in 2002.


Lynn Lindstrom – 1940 – 2016
As Executive Director, Lynn was instrumental in nurturing the explosive growth of color guard from 30 guards in 1978 to over 300 participating at the point when she retired in 2001. She led WGI’s expansion into percussion ensemble and marching band competitions.


Shirlee Whitcomb – 1934 – 2017
Shirlee and others who founded the organization in 1977 shared the vision of WGI. Her contributions as Education Director for 22 years included the education initiatives for instructors and judges that are unparalleled in the pageantry activity.