WGI Sport of the Arts (WGI) provides a venue for young people to achieve the extraordinary through performance and competition. WGI values every participant, staff, volunteer and fan as a unique individual with inherent dignity regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, origin or cultural background. WGI also is committed to fostering positive and safe learning, performing, and working environments for all.

It is important for all members of our community to know how to address concerns that may be contrary to this commitment. WGI has set expectations for the conduct and compliance for everyone associated with any WGI-sanctioned event:

Anyone who receives information of any kind that misconduct related to participant protection has occurred that is connected in any way to individuals or activities associated with any WGI-sanctioned event or activity must report the matter immediately to WGI management and the management of all Participating Groups or Circuit Partners with which the affected individual(s) are associated.

Concerns of noncompliance should first be brought to the leadership of the organization involved, who are expected to investigate the concerns promptly and address them. In addition, WGI is also available to help an individual connect with the right person of the organization involved to ensure the concern is considered and promptly addressed.