Southwest Power Regional
March 16 - 17, 2024



Prelims - $22.00
Finals - $25.00

On site ticket sales only. CASH ONLY ticket sales - there is no ATM on location. No additional arena fees on ticket sales. Concessions will accept Credit Cards.

Additional Information

Contest Info Packets and Critique Schedules are now located on the Director’s Dashboard.

To Access the Group Contest Information Packets:

  1. Log in to the Director's Dashboard
  2. Select Resources from the top menu
  3. Select Color Guard Directors under Libraries
  4. Select the folder: Regional Event Contest Details
  5. Then select the folder that corresponds to the date of your event and choose your event.
Practice Information

Show Personnel​

Karl Lowe: Administrator
Alan Smith: Announcer
Clayton Parker: Assistant Site Manager
Stephanie Bonebrake: Contest Administrator
Brian Kenny: Judge Personnel
Dale White: Judge Personnel
Edwin Beens: Judge Personnel
Erin Brown: Judge Personnel
Hieu Nguyen: Judge Personnel
Izzy Delgado: Judge Personnel
James Mahoney: Judge Personnel
Kimberly Presley: Judge Personnel
Michael Higbe: Judge Personnel
William Chumley: Judge Personnel
Melinda Wemhoff: Other
Meredith DeMaagd: Tabulator
Chris Tomsa: TP Judge
Tom DiNuoscio: TP Judge