West Power Regional
March 16 - 17, 2024



Prelims - $22.00
Finals - $25.00

On Site and Advanced Tickets Available. Cash and Credit Cards Accepted for tickets and parking. (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX) Spectator Parking $5

Facility Information

Spectator Details

Additional Information

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Contest Info Packets and Critique Schedules are now located on the Director’s Dashboard.

To Access the Group Contest Information Packets:

  1. Log in to the Director's Dashboard
  2. Select Resources from the top menu
  3. Select Color Guard Directors under Libraries
  4. Select the folder: Regional Event Contest Details
  5. Then select the folder that corresponds to the date of your event and choose your event.

Show Personnel​

Richard Kramer: Announcer
Kareen Vaughan: Assistant Site Manager
Kendra Whelchel: Contest Administrator
Beverly Brahan: Judge Personnel
Douglas Henderson: Judge Personnel
Ira Jenkins: Judge Personnel
James Goodrich: Judge Personnel
Kelsey Gleason: Judge Personnel
Paul Lampkin: Judge Personnel
Phil Madden: Judge Personnel
Sam Gervaise: Judge Personnel
Shirl Chumley: Judge Personnel
Travis Wingate: Judge Personnel
Tamara Hobson: Tabulator
Andrew Blankenship: TP Judge
Lee Carpenter: TP Judge