Top Secrets Volume 2 DVD: Now Shipping!

WGI’s popular educational video series, Indoor Percussion TOP SECRETS, is back! Continuing to cover every essential topic for the sport of the arts, check out the latest modules on DVD Volume 2:

Module 6, “Ensemble Troubleshooting”. Developing your ensemble’s signature sound with these proven secrets for balance, timing, editing, and logistics will have your group sounding better than ever!

Module 5, “Individual and Sectional Troubleshooting”. Leveraging these player development and teaching strategies is sure to have your ensemble playing with the best of the best!

Module 4, “Visual Troubleshooting”. We’ll talk with Tim Fairbanks of Rhythm X and WGI judge, Ron Hardin, to hear some of their recommendations to help take your groups’ visual performance to the next level.  They’ll share some tips of the trade, point out some common errors, and demonstrate how to pull it all together.

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