Top Secrets Module 5 is Available Now!

WGI’s popular educational video series, Indoor Percussion TOP SECRETS, is back! Continuing to cover every essential topic for the sport of the arts, check out the latest High Definition download: Module 5, “Individual and Sectional Troubleshooting”. Leveraging these player development and teaching strategies is sure to have your ensemble playing with the best of the best!

Module #5 is available for only $10. Start your download here.

Chapters include:   
Building a Great Ensemble From the Ground Up
Mind the Gap
Rhythmic Considerations
Physical Considerations
Snare Considerations
Tenor Considerations
Bass Considerations
Keyboard Considerations
Rhythm Section Considerations
Sectional Considerations
Professional Considerations

Keep an eye on as new “Indoor Percussion Top Secrets” modules will be released in the coming months.
Module 6: Ensemble Troubleshooting