Paramount Show Announcement

From a Paramount Press Release:

Program Title: “Drawn Together”
Repertoire: “Swanlights” by Anohni (& The Johnsons)
Our 2023 program, “Drawn Together,” explores the complexity and mystery of the human experience. Drawing inspiration from the classical tradition of sketching the human form, the program features scenes that showcase the strength, grace, elegance, and vulnerability of the human body. Our bodies, in their extraordinary design, grant us the ability to express our individuality through an array of powerful skills, emotions, and authentic experiences. At both our highest and lowest moments, we are perfect illustrations of being human. The lines, curves, shapes, strokes and shadows that mark us are the defining characteristics that allow us to feel wholly unique in the grand portrait of life. 

Paramount will be performing at the Winterguard International (WGI) Charlotte and Atlanta Regionals, as well as the Southern Association for Performance Arts (SAPA) circuit contests. This is Paramount’s 13th year of competition, and we are excited to share our 2023 program.