Join the WGI Volunteers in 2015

Join the WGI Volunteers in 2015

When it comes to the WGI World Championships, there’s nothing better than marching out onto the floor and performing. But perhaps the next best thing is to be part of the team that makes it possible for ensembles from all over the U.S. and overseas take their shot at WGI history.

You can be part of the action as volunteer for the 2015 Percussion/Winds (April 9-12) and Color Guard (April 16-18) World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. “Volunteering for WGI was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had,” say Reyn Libed, a former member of Onyx who volunteered for the first time last season. “When a performer walks onto that floor, they experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Being a part of that is one of the most cherished memories I will have.”

Reyn was among over 170 people working with WGI’s professional staff in 2014. With the WGI Winds division launching, even more able bodies will be needed in 2015. “Over the last 10 years we’ve grown the volunteer base from approximately 100 to what it is today,” say WGI Volunteer Coordinator Mark Ackerson. Along the way we’ve learned to be more efficient and flexible with our program.”

Volunteers are expected to be available for all three days of each Finals weekend and must be 18 or older (or accompanied by a volunteering parent or guardian). WGI provides free hotel rooms, food during event times, special WGI attire, and the knowledge that your work is vital to everyone involved. “Hundreds of ensembles compete in each division,” says WGI’s Megan Harmon. “We wouldn’t be able to hold the World Championships without our volunteers.”

Click here to learn more about volunteering. DEADLINE: The deadline to submit a Volunteer Interest Form is Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015!

Responsibilities range from getting fans to their seats to helping ensembles get on the floor, and more. No specific skills are required, but if you have a specialty, there’s a good chance that it will be put to use.

Ultimately the focus is on the young men and women putting it all out there on the floor. “In the end, it’s all about making sure the ensembles performing at Championships have the best experience possible,” Ackerson says. “The volunteer ranks will continue to grow as WGI grows. Servicing the units at the Championship events is our top priority.”

“Volunteering at WGI was an amazing experience!” adds former Zydeco guard member Geoff Goelz. “It felt great to play a small part in what is a huge experience for so many talented performers, designers, staff and spectators.”

Like the performers themselves, WGI volunteers are part of a team of people who share their passion and enthusiasm for the indoor marching arts. “I’ve met so many wonderful personalities on staff at WGI as well as on staff of the performing units,” Libed says. “They make the long hours and the hard work completely worth it. I can’t wait for next year.”