Hashtag! You’re It!

This season, WGI is offering fans a chance a new way to keep up with regional events as they happen – and share their thoughts with the world through social media. “Instead of waiting for post-event reviews of regional finals events, we’ll be tweeting from each regional.” Explains Marketing & Communications Manager Aaron Jenkins. “We’ll also do a recap of each regional via Storify,” a site that compiles feeds from all the popular social media outlets. “We’ll use a specific hashtag for each event, such as #WGIbakersfield, #WGInashville, #WGIsalem, etc.,” Jenkins says, “Anyone who uses these hashtags when talking about these events on their social media accounts may event be quoted in the story.”

Take a look at a couple of stories we did when we visited BOA and PASIC this past November.

We are still looking for a few social media commentators at select WGI regionals:
Richmond Color Guard 
Orlando Percussion
Spartanburg Percussion
Trumbull Percussion
Charlotte Color Guard
Boca Raton Percussion
Denver Percussion
Hattiesburg Percussion
Union City Color Guard
Minneapolis Percussion
Unionville Percussion

Email aaron@wgi.org for more information.