Comparison of UD Arena and Nutter Center for Winds

WGI Winds
Nutter Center ~ UD Arena Comparison

Comments from the Winds World Championships Judge Panel regarding acoustics, lighting, etc.

  1. “Nutter Center – Excellent lighting, acoustics seem too live, nice vantage point, but the groups seem far away
    UD Arena – Excellent lighting, excellent acoustics, vantage point is fine except the front judges need a couple of blank rows directly in front of them, the groups are in closer proximity than NC, but you can still see the whole picture.”
  2. “I thought the UD Arena was much more intimate and had better acoustics for the winds groups. There was a better connection to the performers and performances.”

  3. “Nutter Center – I find Nutter to be an Intimate environment with a great view! As a visual judge, I am able to see everything without obstruction and I don’t feel like I lose anything in terms of sound quality – again, as a visual judge! Creature comfort wise, it is a bit more Spartan than the UD Arena, but it is much more accommodating than some regional venues with more limited space and less comfortable seating.
    UD Arena – It’s a couple of steps up in terms of “ambience”, perhaps mainly due to history of Pageantry activities and events that have been held there over the years. It feels like a “first class place”.
    Lighting is good, and our location was intimate, but we were a bit too low to be able to see from the front of the floor to the back, often when performers become layered or are densely compacted in the front.
    Acoustics are good, but it does have a “big house” feel at times with some groups – primarily smaller ensembles.”
  4. “Nutter Center seems to have more resonance & reverb. Perhaps the “lows” are stronger than the “highs.”
    There is more clarity at UD Arena but less resonance. The quality of sound is perhaps better but there is “no place to hide.”
  5. “From the Visual Side – I preferred the Nutter Center – was higher up – had a clearer view of the floor. Lighting was more yellow than UD, but not enough to cause a color problem.
    At UD I felt closed in – too low and too close to the music people. Would have preferred to be higher up to take advantage of the complete area.”
  6. “Nutter Center: Love the judges’ perspective, Acoustics seem very live and there is some sound delay depending on your location on the floor, Not sure about lighting from the floor perspective.
    UD Arena: Judges perspective OK but perhaps visual/OE judges can be a few rows higher, lighting good, sound is absorbed more with closer environment and more audience members to help with sound absorption and usually groups play/perform somewhat better at UD Arena.”