Arlington HS Admiral Winter Guard Show Announcement

Arlington HS Admiral Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Arlington HS Admiral Winter Guard Press Release: 

From the heart of the Hudson Valley of New York, the Arlington HS Admiral Winterguard is proud to present their 2023 production, Missing in Action: Vietnam. 

Throughout the show, the members illustrate the complex history of the conflict in Vietnam, marking the 50th anniversary of the fragile peace agreement of 1973. The Admirals explore the emotions of the battlefield, the tension of protests, feelings of loss and remembrance, and the unbreakable bond between soldiers. 

The production includes an iconic soundtrack from the era, combat costuming, and set design that features the Vietnam Memorial Wall and an abstract model of a Bell Huey helicopter. 

Fans can catch Arlington at the Philadelphia and Bethlehem regionals as well as WGI World Championships. Staff includes Designer/Director Bert Cousins, and Euni Shim. Additional team support comes from Chris Kroner, Andrea Hagan and Sam Banney. 

The group is sponsored by Arlington Central School District and the Arlington Band Boosters, Inc.