2023 WGI Color Guard Regional Event Partner Pre-Season Forms

Forms to complete

WGI Regional Event Details - Due August 5th

The Regional Event Details form contains questions about the event, the legal name of the organization hosting the event for agreement purposes, and ticket prices.

Complete the WGI Regional Event Details form

Practice Details - Due August 19th

WGI understands the challenges that our Event Partners are coming across in terms of hosting practice space.  If you are unable to host practice, you are required to provide a list of local places that the groups may contact on their own.  You do not have to vet these places ahead of time, but we do hope that the places have suitable space for practice. 

Complete the Practice Details form

Judge Services - Due September 2nd

Judge services form includes information about the local airport, your chosen judge hotel, and additional transportation information relevant to our judges and staff attending your event.

Complete the Judge Services form

Technology Basics - Due September 16th

WGI requires you to complete two technology forms.  The first one will help the Contest Administrators determine what may be necessary for our judges/tabulators at your event.  The second one will be sent in January by your CA with additional, more in-depth questions.

Complete the Technology Basics form

Regional Volunteer Request - Due October 21st

If you are interested in having volunteers outside of your booster program volunteer for your regional event, please complete this form. Those individuals who are interested in volunteering at the local level will be given the contact info from this form.

Complete the Regional Volunteer Request Form

Doorway Measurements- Due October 14th

All Color Guard Event Partners are required to have accurate doorway measurements within the flow of props/floors available for their event. We also ask for you to identify any narrow hallways or tight 90 degree corners in the flow of prop/floor traffic.

New Event Partners - Please follow the below instructions to create your maps & photos.

Doorway Measurement Instructions and Helpful Hints

Returning Event Partners - doorway measurement maps & photos were included in the Spec Sheet that was sent for your pre-season approval.