Bakersfield CG Prelims - Results

Show Date: 2/26/2022
Updated: 2/27/2022 at 12:04 AM

All scores posted are not official until 90 minutes after the conclusion of the round or contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges after the final unit.

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No. Group Name Score Division
Scholastic Regional A
1Hanford West HS (Hanford, CA)67.550II
2Independence HS (Bakersfield) (Bakersfield, CA)65.780II
3Atwater HS (Atwater, CA)62.750II
    Score Division
Scholastic A
1Clovis HS (Clovis, CA)78.180I
2Buchanan HS (Clovis, CA)75.270I
3Ridgeview HS (Bakersfield, CA)71.060II
4Lemoore HS (Lemoore, CA)70.170II
5Arvin HS (Arvin, CA)69.980II
6Amador Valley HS (Pleasanton, CA)68.950II
7Clovis West HS (Fresno, CA)68.060II
8Frontier HS (Bakersfield, CA)68.030II
9Kingsburg HS (Kingsburg, CA)65.440II
10Stockdale HS (Bakersfield, CA)65.380II
Independent A
1Icon Winter Guard (Los Angeles, CA)70.120-
2MRI Colorguard (Colorado Springs, CO)65.380-
    Score Division
Scholastic Open
1El Capitan HS (Merced , CA)73.630II
2Diamond Bar HS (Diamond Bar, CA)73.500II
3Liberty HS (Bakersfield, CA)61.630II
Independent Open
1Vox Artium (San Diego, CA)77.870-
2i-Squared (Bakersfield, CA)76.130-
    Score Division
Scholastic World
1Arcadia HS (Arcadia, CA)77.030I
2Golden Valley HS (Bakersfield, CA)71.130II