2024 PSA Class Finalist Review

2024 PSA Class Finalist Review

By: Kellie Finch

Congratulations to all of our 2024 Scholastic A class finalists! View a recap of their productions below in order of Finals placement.

1st - Spring-Ford HS (95.563)

Using only a few tools and a couple dozen planks of wood, Spring-Ford HS more than successfully built a bridge—and an amazing finals performance. The battery drummed on the bridge’s light poles while a flute soloist performed elegantly, providing clear proof that anything can be created if you just work together.

2nd - Centerville HS (94.550)

Centerville HS explored the fragility of the human heart in their 2024 production, entitled “Heart of Glass.” During excerpts from “Heart of Glass” by Blondie, the ensemble’s heart split in half, before the strength of the show, and the performers themselves, patched it back

3rd - Greenfield-Central HS (94.263)

Greenfield-Central HS brought the opposite of silence to their 2024 production, entitled “Heard.” Performers exhibited incredible control as they were able to shut off their volume at the drop of a hat, proving to the audience that they deserved to be heard—and heard, they were.

4th - Pearl HS (92.588)

Pearl HS left its “Signature” mark on WGI finals with their 2024 production. The battery moved easels around the floor, emphasizing the importance of individuality as the pit played
excerpts from “Ode to Joy”—and by the end, each performer held up their artwork and signature for the world to see.

5th - Kickapoo HS (92.000)

“SPRING HAS SPRUNG” in UD Arena, and it was all thanks to Kickapoo HS’s 2024 production. Flowers of all types and colors bloomed around the edges of the floor as a graceful flute soloist performed excerpts from Vivaldi’s “Spring” and Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring,” while the rest of the ensemble added the bright, sunny warmth that spring is known for.

6th - New Hartford HS (90.275)

New Hartford HS’s 2024 production, entitled “Out of the Dust,” began as a seemingly sad story of an old woman reflecting on her life during the Dust Bowl. A washboard, guitar, and wind howling set the scene for this story, but it was not until the tornado struck and a pair of familiar ruby slippers appeared that the real story began: “The Wizard of Oz!”

7th - Sycamore HS (90.075)

Sycamore HS sketched out a beautiful story for themselves in their 2024 production, entitled “Drawn to Life.” Using only a pencil, performers shared their deepest emotions with the page, exploring adoration, frustration, and inspiration, reminding the audience that nothing, especially not life, is perfect on the first try.

8th - Centaurus HS (89.350)

Home, comfort, and beacon were all words Centaurus HS used to describe the “Lighthouse” in their 2024 production. This theme continued throughout the rest of the production, lighting up the ocean, pit, and drums; proving that not only did Centaurus HS have a remarkable lighthouse to guide them home, they were something of a lighthouse themselves.

9th - Everett HS (89.238)

Everett HS entered into Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein story through their 2024 production, entitled “It’s Alive!” Monsters scattered the floor as the townspeople chased them with torches—eventually burning them all to the ground.

10th - Central Dauphin HS (89.163)

Central Dauphin HS drew the audience into an avian world with their 2024 production, entitled “The Crow.” Reminiscent of Tchaikovsky’s “Black Swan,” several sections of the composer’s work were featured as the one white crow flitted across the tarp, leaving her mark.

11th - Westfield HS (IN) (88.663)

Westfield HS (IN) pulled the audience on an existentialist journey through their 2024 production, entitled “What if?” Hopes and dreams were explored while “Golden Hour” by JVKE played, as the performers began to realize life should be lived in the moment.

12th - Rex Putnam Combined Schools (86.925)

As the drummers from Rex Putnam Combined Schools awoke from their slumber, it was evident that they had been in the midst of an alternative, purple dreamscape. Their 2024 production, entitled “Beyond Dreams,” explored the different forms dreams could hold, even existing as an individual person.

13th - Osseo Area Combined Schools (86.838)

UD Arena was being haunted—and with it, so were the performers of Osseo Area Combined Schools in their 2024 production, entitled “We All Have Ghosts.” The ghosts acted like shadows as the performers moved across the floor, taunting and pushing them around, even learning to play the drums themselves.

14th - Unionville HS (84.475)

Paint splatters of every possible color coated the canvases, tarp, and performers of Unionville HS during their 2024 production, entitled “Pollock.” A tribute to the modern art style of painter Jackson Pollock, performers pulled out every single stop—and left every drop of paint, too.

15th - Longmont Combined Schools (83.375)

Playing like a kid again is easy when it’s colorful! Longmont Combined Schools embraced their childhood imaginations in their 2024 production, entitled “Playing With Colors,” leaving nothing untapped—even the marimbas had their own, childlike hues!