World Championships Back Side Seats

WC Backside seat tickets

You are in the correct place to purchase Backside Seats! The order form is not currently available. The projected timeline is below:

Color Guard late February 2024

Percussion / Winds early March 2024


Backside Seat tickets for World Class finals will be available to purchase for World Championships competing groups only.

NEW for 2024:

    • Orders must be paid for at the time of purchase.
    • All Backside Seat tickets will be mobile delivery only.
    • Confirm your numbers for accuracy. Refunds will only be issued for orders placed by World Class Finalists.
    • Additional tickets may only be purchased at WC Headquarters during World Championships week if available.

World Class Finals Price: $30 each.

Prices increase to $40 each 3 weeks after the order form opens.