2022 Winds Scores

2022 Winds Scores

NOTE: All scores posted are not official until 30 minutes after the conclusion of that contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges.

April 24

2022 Winds WC Finals

April 23

2022 Winds WC Prelims

March 26

Dayton Winds Prelims
Dayton Winds Finals
Monroe Township Winds Prelims
Monroe Township Winds Finals

March 19

Atlanta Winds Prelims
Atlanta Winds Finals
Dallas Winds Prelims
Dallas Winds Finals
Minneapolis Winds Prelims
Minneapolis Winds Finals

March 12

Hattiesburg Winds Prelims
Hattiesburg Winds Finals
Spartanburg Winds Prelims
Spartanburg Winds Finals

March 05

Knoxville Winds Prelims
Knoxville Winds Finals
Omaha Winds Prelims
Omaha Winds Finals
Richmond Winds Prelims
Richmond Winds Finals
Houston Winds Prelims
Houston Winds Finals

February 26

Orlando Winds Prelims
Orlando Winds Finals

February 19

Indianapolis Winds Prelims
Indianapolis Winds Finals

February 12

Troy Winds Prelims
Troy Winds Finals