WGI Statement, September 12, 2022

WGI takes allegations involving sexual misconduct very seriously and endeavors to address allegations that are brought to its attention in a deliberate, fair, and thorough manner. We appreciate and respect the bravery of anyone who reports any misconduct in our marching arts community. Their efforts to provide corroborating information contribute to our ability to ensure that all WGI participants experience a safe, comfortable, and inclusive performing environment.

WGI recently received allegations of misconduct of a sexual nature associated with the Diamante organization, including allegations involving members of its primary administrative and design staff. In accordance with WGI’s participant protection policies and in compliance with the law, the allegations were reported to law enforcement, and WGI retained an independent investigator to conduct a thorough investigation. The independent investigation was conducted over a period of several months and involved numerous witness interviews. Diamante was given the opportunity to cooperate with the investigation but declined.

The investigation established a pattern of serious violations of the WGI Code of Conduct associated with Diamante. As a result, Diamante has been suspended from all future WGI-related activities and events until WGI determines that it has implemented sufficient safeguards for the safety and well-being of all participants. Out of respect for the privacy interests of those involved, WGI is unable to comment on specific actions taken with respect to any Diamante staff.

WGI continues to refine and strengthen its participant protection policies through required background checks, abuse prevention training, and internal policies for all groups that protect our participants. We are committed to addressing any complaints of misconduct to prevent future harm through the reports we receive.

To report an ethics concern or alleged misconduct under the WGI Code of Conduct, please email your concern to report@wgi.org or visit our online Participant Protection Report Form.