WGI Statement June 5, 2023

WGI Statement June 5, 2023

The WGI Code of Conduct states:

“Our reputation depends on the conduct of all parties involved in WGI. Good manners, courtesy, and common sense are all required to ensure appropriate conduct and behavior. Conduct or language that a reasonable person could perceive as rude, inappropriate, abusive, disorderly, derogatory, immoral, or threatening will not be tolerated.”

At the 2023 Percussion World Championships, the conduct of Infinity from Orlando, Florida, at the World Finals award ceremony violated our activity’s collective experience, safety, dignity, integrity, and decorum. The lack of respect shown to WGI, the audience, event personnel, and, most importantly, fellow competitors is unacceptable.

After a thorough review, the board of directors has placed Infinity on probation for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. A series of requirements set forth by WGI, which includes sportsmanship training by an independent provider, will be a condition of their probation that will not affect Infinity’s season or competition, provided the terms of their probation are satisfied.

WGI acknowledges that our organization must further define behavior expectations at award ceremonies for all participating groups, not just Infinity. The board of directors is considering an organization-wide approach for all divisions for the 2024 season.