WGI Statement: August 13, 2020

We want to update you on recent actions we’ve taken surrounding the events involving one of our Hall of Fame members, Ike Jackson, a California-based high school percussion instructor. In response to recent accounts of Mr. Jackson’s misconduct, WGI Sport of the Arts has retained the services of T&M Protection Resources to conduct an investigation into these reports, as well as the information that was provided to WGI in 2018. T&M is a highly qualified, professional firm with extensive experience assisting institutions in matters similar to this and its team is being led by Senior Managing Director, Lauren Mack, Esq. and Managing Director, Deborah Katz, Esq.
To that end, we encourage anyone who has experienced or is aware of inappropriate conduct by Mr. Jackson to contact T&M at 646-445-7739 or by dedicated email at WGI@tmprotection.com. Communications with T&M Protection Resources will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect. WGI has also requested that T&M review WGI’s policies and procedures for preventing and responding to reports of harassment and sexual misconduct to ensure that they comport with best practices in this area.
We know this matter has upset many in our extended community. We apologize that our response to date has not fully expressed how serious we take issues of abuse and misconduct on behalf of all who work at, volunteer in, partake of and support our events. While we cannot predict how long this investigation will take, we plan to provide you with additional information about what we learned and how we are addressing it at the appropriate time. We also vow to make all necessary changes to ensure that our events remain the example for how all young people of every race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or gender expression can achieve the extraordinary through performance and fair competition.