WGI Celebrates Black History Month

WGI Celebrates Black History Month

WGI celebrates February as Black History Month and aspires to support the Black community and all underrepresented communities every month of the year. Our goal must be to create an environment that celebrates all individuals and provides the right conditions for each person to reach their highest potential. 

A worldwide awakening has taken place about the role of diversity and inclusion in our everyday lives. This journey has and continues to cause pain in our community as we have come to realize that some do not feel seen, heard, valued, or supported.

We must continue to dedicate ourselves to diversity within our organization by inviting all those who feel disenfranchised to take a seat at the table of WGI and have an open conversation with those of different social and ethnic backgrounds, genders, and other aspects of one’s identity.

We are aware of past mistakes in understanding how underrepresentation affects each of these communities. We also realize that we have a long way to go. Listening to these experiences is the first step, and our commitment to doing better shall be our path forward into the future. As we all build our collective awareness, we believe we must commit every resource to champion the dream of what WGI should be: a diverse and inclusive marching arts community that recognizes and celebrates everyone.

For more information on Black History Month, please check out the resources linked below: