University of Dayton
Backstage Prop Storage – Color Guard Only

During the Board of Directors meeting this past July, the 2019 Advisory Board Proposal # 8, to have an additional tent behind UD for prop storage, was not approved. The Board of Directors put forth a directive to provide designated spaces that groups can unload and leave props behind UD Arena.

Based on this directive, WGI plans to cone off 19 lettered spaces that will be approximately 60’x36’ each behind UD arena. (See map)

Groups will have a published time (90 minutes prior to their performance time) to enter their designated space. Trucks/trailers will park in this spot. Busses will still park in the side parking Lot.

This spot is where you can unload and all your prop/items will remain there until you are told to move towards the tunnel entrance by WGI personnel. Each group is to be prepared to cover their own equipment/props with a tarp, or some other protective cover in case of inclement weather.

Trucks will remain in the designated spot until you have re-loaded. Appointed times to depart that assigned space will be determined as you arrive on-site with a “Golden Ticket” handed to truck drivers. This “Golden Ticket” has your expected “exit time” from the assigned space printed on the ticket.

These designated prop storage spaces will only be available at UD Arena.

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