LGBTQIA+ Pride Resources

WGI proudly supports LGBTQ+ Pride this month and throughout the year. We have compiled the following resources (accessible year-round) to help inform and educate on the challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals face, highlighting a few of the many programs and organizations that are working to make a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ Community. Scholarships and Financial […]

2023 Advisory Board Proposal Results

WGI directors and instructors met this past weekend to consider numerous proposals submitted to the Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds Advisory Boards. Each board held separate meetings to discuss various topics relevant to their division such as contest policies, rules, and adjudication philosophies. Click below to view the results of the 2023 Advisory Board meetings! […]

WGI Statement June 5, 2023

The WGI Code of Conduct states: “Our reputation depends on the conduct of all parties involved in WGI. Good manners, courtesy, and common sense are all required to ensure appropriate conduct and behavior. Conduct or language that a reasonable person could perceive as rude, inappropriate, abusive, disorderly, derogatory, immoral, or threatening will not be tolerated.” […]

2023 Advisory Board Proposals Now Online

Each year, the Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds Advisory Boards consider proposals regarding rules and policies that govern WGI. Any competing ensemble that participated in a 2023 WGI event could submit a proposal for consideration. Proposals are published below prior to the meetings for review and then voted upon by the respective advisory board. Click […]

WGI Celebrates Pride Month!

June is Global Pride Month, and WGI aims to recognize and celebrate all members of the LGTBQIA+ community. During this month, and every month, we want you to know that ALL are welcome here at WGI Sport of the Arts. We have also compiled the following resources (accessible year-round) to help inform and educate on […]

Save the Date: 2023 Advisory Board Location Information!

The 2023 WGI Advisory Board meeting dates are confirmed! WGI Sport of the Arts will hold its Advisory Board meetings on June 9-10, 2023, at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. This annual meeting gives representatives opportunities to discuss and vote on the rules and policies governing WGI. All advisory […]

3 Things to Expect at The 2023 Advisory Boards

WGI will hold the 2023 Advisory Board Meetings on June 9-10 at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. These annual meetings give representatives the opportunity to discuss and vote on the rules and policies governing WGI.  Read below to see three things you can expect from the upcoming meetings. […]

Maintaining a Work Life Balance in WGI

By Jeffrey Peterson When the weekend rehearsal is over, the floor is folded, and areas are swept, performers and technicians often check in with each other one last time before hitting the road. On the drive home, however, the same slice of reality hits us all: we still have to work the next day. Hundreds […]

WGI Percussion Highlight: 2013

By Mikey McGuire And with that, WGI 2023 has officially come to a close. With the Percussion division celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, let’s take a look back at WGI 2013, A decade ago when the division was celebrating its 20th anniversary season. 2013 brought us some of the most visually and musically entrancing […]

’23 Mayflower WG Feature

OFF THE FLOOR // We’re with ‘23 Mayflower WG discussing their 2023 production “Ohio” and the unique experiences of being an International group.   Stay tuned until the very end and enjoy some hilarious footage BTS footage! #HeyYall

Check out the WGI Job Board!

Click the image below to view the WGI Job Board where you can find the most up to date listing of jobs in the marching arts industry!

Happy Mother’s Day From WGI!

WGI wishes a warm and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Band/Guard Mom’s out there making the activity go round! Featuring Cap City Percussion in their 2022 production entitled, “Mother.”

Hieu Nguyen: The Judging Experience

By Trudy Horsting We are all thankful for what judges do for our activity. However, for many people, no matter how long you have been performing, the life of a judge feels unfamiliar, and becoming a judge feels inaccessible.  In this series, we strive to remove some barriers that make judging WGI feel so foreign […]

The Journey of a WGI Proposal

Check out the video below to see how a proposal passes through the various levels of WGI’s organizational structure before coming a rule!

Happy Birthday WGI!

In the Spring of 1977, a small group of representatives met and formed an organization to govern the color guard activity from coast to coast. The goal was to create a standard set of competition rules, establish unity in judging techniques, and provide a national championship event. The organization that would bloom from this meeting […]

2023 Advisory Board Travel Grant Recipients Announced

Congratulations to Jonathan Schnicke with Kent City Winter Winds and Jessica Slabaugh with American Fork High School Color Guard for being selected to receive the 2023 Advisory Board Travel Grants! The WGI Board of Directors created these grants to foster growth and encourage new perspectives in the indoor marching arts. The awarded tuition covers the […]

Call for Applications for the WGI Board of Directors!

WGI Sport of the Arts is looking for qualified individuals to fill open positions on the Board of Directors. Take a look at the qualifications and processes to become a member of the WGI Board of Directors below! Qualifications: Individuals must appear on the published staff list of an Advisory Board member as of April […]

2023 Winds World Class Finalist Review

By: Carson Huffer Congratulations to all of our 2023 World class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement. Scholastic World Avon HS (98.350) 1st Explosive energy comes off of the sun in regular waves, and Avon High School took us straight to the blinding center of our solar system with their 2023 […]

2023 Winds Open Class Finalist Review

By: Carson Huffer Congratulations to all of our 2023 Open class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement. Scholastic Open Westfield HS (94.325) 1st With a light-up metronome in the back of the floor and an effortlessly cool energy about themselves, Westfield High School tore the house down with their 2023 program […]