WGI’s New Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Page!

WGI is committed to giving a voice to the underrepresented members of our community and having an open conversation with those of different backgrounds, genders, and other aspects of one’s identity. In celebration of WGI’s incredibly diverse community, we are proud to unveil our website’s New Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page. This page contains our […]

Top 5 Moments of 2022: WGI Edition

2022 has been a wild ride, and so many incredible feats were achieved in the span of a single year. Take a look below at some of the best things to come out of 2022 for the world’s largest indoor marching arts community! 1. Second Class of Future Leaders Announced This past March, the 2022 […]

WGI UK Regional Returns!

From an Indoor Music Games Press Release: WGI Sport of the Arts, the world’s leader in producing indoor marching arts events for color guard, percussion ensembles, and winds groups, announced today the return of the WGI United Kingdom Regional after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 worldwide health emergency. WGI UK is the first […]

The Woodlands HS: The Doors Are Open

By Trudy Horsting The Woodlands High School winter guard put on a beautiful 2022 production titled “The Doors are Open,” which left many craving to learn more about this program and receive some insight on how they got where they are today. In this piece, Cyndi Robbins, Director of The Woodlands, shares her strategies for […]

Chino Hills HS: Redefining the Color Guard Show

By Emily Ward All members of a color guard audience have an idea of what they expect a show, and its various parts, to look like. Chino Hills High School from Chino Hills, California, wanted to change that idea with their 2022 World class production, “Deception Perception.” The team’s 2022 performance was based on pieces […]

Rhythm X: Inside the “Art Shaped Box”

By: Mikey McGuire WGI Percussion in 2022 featured some of the most unique and innovative show designs we have seen on the UD floor in years, but one show that stood out from the rest was Rhythm X’s 2022 production, “Art Shaped Box.” The group took inspiration from the life and art of grunge pioneer […]

2023 Future Leaders Program: Applications Open!

WGI and the WGI Diversity and Inclusion Committee are excited to announce the I AM WGI: Future Leaders Program, a new mentorship and leadership opportunity for color guard, percussion and winds performers across the globe. “WGI’s Future Leaders Program is a crucial step in grounding and expanding our perspectives when it comes to performer advocacy,” […]

How We Thrived: STRYKE (Pageantry Arts Concepts)

By Jeffrey Peterson In an interview with Scott Hughes, President of Pageantry Arts Concepts and Executive Director of STRYKE, Jeffrey takes a peak behind the curtain into this multifaceted marching arts organization. Why did STRYKE come into existence in the very beginning? If you go through the WGI historical data, you’ll see there was a […]

Out of Hiding: A Look Inside Edge Independent

By Trudy Horsting the evolution of edge independent Katie and Billy Pacifico founded Edge Independent in 2012. At the time, there weren’t many places in Georgia for students to go if they wanted to spin after high school. Katie said, “we wanted to create a place where students could continue their marching experience with us.” […]

Breaking Down Boone: A Look Into Their 2022 Production

By Emily Ward Boone High School is notorious for creating unique shows that keep the audience intrigued year after year. During the 2022 season, Boone’s Scholastic Open class team from Orlando, Florida, performed without music, props, or even a floor. The team’s director, Joshua Jackson, said the staff decided to go with this long-thought-through idea […]

2023 Hall of Fame Nominations Deadline: Nov. 18

The deadline to submit all WGI Hall of Fame nominees is November 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM. This is your chance to help recognize individuals from the winter color guard activity (percussion nominations are accepted on even-numbered years) at World Championships. To submit a nomination for the 2023 WGI Hall of Fame (Color Guard), submit […]

How We Thrived: Interview with Atlanta Quest

By Jeffrey Peterson In an interview with Atlanta Quest Program Director and Music Arranger Alan Sears, Jeffrey learns about the humble beginnings of AQ and the groups goal of providing more opportunity for kids to march in the Metro-Atlanta area. I know that Quest initially formed after a group of Georgia Southern University students enjoyed […]

Seavine presentation at 2022 PASIC Convention ft. Rhythm X Cymbal Line!

By Mikey McGuire Each year, members of the percussion community gather for the annual PASIC conference. With showcases and performances by percussionists from around the world, PASIC is a landmark event and, in the last few years, has become equally important for the marching percussion world as well. PASIC allots a few showcase slots every […]

Inside AMP Winter Guard: Defining Entertainment

By Trudy Horsting humble beginnings AMP Winter Guard has recently been renowned for its entertaining, crowd-pleasing productions. Each time the cast enters a performance space, their show captivates the audience and leaves them on their feet. However, AMP comes from humble beginnings, from a staff dedicated to the cause and cousins, brothers, sisters, and friends […]

Dobyns-Bennett 2022: Making a Name for the Program

By Trudy Horsting: 2022 was the first year Dobyns-Bennett High School Winterguard made WGI Finals. Jed Garvey, Director of the Colorguard, reflects on the longevity of this goal in an interview with Trudy Horsting. “The guard has been trying to make that push into finals for about two decades. 2022 was the year we finally […]

How We Thrived Series 3: Rhythm X

By Jeffrey Peterson In an interview with the directors of Rhythm X, Tim Fairbanks breaks down some of the most iconic moments in the group’s history and offers advice on ways to promote growth from both an organizational and member standpoint.  What was the original catalyst or reason for starting Rhythm X? Rhythm X was […]

South Jones HS Winds: Resolution

By: Kellie Finch “Be it resolved. What do these words mean?” Sydnee Tisdale inquired, reading pages in a book aloud as a piano played softly in the background. She turned, and a single piece of paper fell to the floor, leaving the phrase’s true meaning unresolved, at least for the time being. South Jones High […]