2023 Advisory Board Proposal Results

WGI directors and instructors met this past weekend to consider numerous proposals submitted to the Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds Advisory Boards. Each board held separate meetings to discuss various topics relevant to their division such as contest policies, rules, and adjudication philosophies. Click below to view the results of the 2023 Advisory Board meetings! […]

Maintaining a Work Life Balance in WGI

By Jeffrey Peterson When the weekend rehearsal is over, the floor is folded, and areas are swept, performers and technicians often check in with each other one last time before hitting the road. On the drive home, however, the same slice of reality hits us all: we still have to work the next day. Hundreds […]

WGI Percussion Highlight: 2013

By Mikey McGuire And with that, WGI 2023 has officially come to a close. With the Percussion division celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, let’s take a look back at WGI 2013, A decade ago when the division was celebrating its 20th anniversary season. 2013 brought us some of the most visually and musically entrancing […]

Hieu Nguyen: The Judging Experience

By Trudy Horsting We are all thankful for what judges do for our activity. However, for many people, no matter how long you have been performing, the life of a judge feels unfamiliar, and becoming a judge feels inaccessible.  In this series, we strive to remove some barriers that make judging WGI feel so foreign […]

Julie Davila: The Judging Experience

By Trudy Horsting We are all thankful for what judges do for our activity. However, no matter how long you have been performing, the life of a judge feels unfamiliar to many people, and becoming a judge feels inaccessible. As much admiration as we have for this role, those who fill it can feel distant. […]

WGI 2023 Hall of Fame Recipients Announced

WGI is proud to announce the election of the newest class of individuals into the WGI Hall of Fame!  The Hall of Fame is the highest honor presented to individuals who have influenced WGI history through their achievements and contributions. Each year, outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the activity are inducted. The […]

Jeannine Ford: Creating a Culture of Excellence

By Trudy Horsting: Jeannine’s Beginnings Jeannine Ford, the Director of the Tarpon Springs High School Leadership Conservatory (TSLCA), grew up surrounded by the marching arts. “I grew up in Boston where there is a strong drum corps and color guard community,” she says. “My parents were heavily involved in the Amvet Lancers and Amvet Brigadiers […]

The Challenges of Traveling to Championships

By Mikey McGuire Every year, WGI groups around the country deal with the logistical issues of getting their ensemble to Dayton, Ohio, for the annual WGI World Championships at the University of Dayton. This trip provides challenges for every group, but groups coming from the far edges of the country face the biggest logistical challenges. […]

WGI Hall of Fame: Carol Abohatab

Carol Abohatab, one of the most recent inductees to WGI’s Hall of Fame, has been involved in the marching arts since she was eight years old. From the beginning of her career, Carol was destined to blaze a trail through the activity and help push the indoor marching arts to new heights. She started as […]

Starting the Conversation: Inclusivity in Show Design

By Trudy Horsting: Choosing the perfect show hair and makeup for a winter guard show is always an important decision. Still, it can be challenging to ensure that these choices are adequate for every member of the team and make every performer feel comfortable and confident on the floor.    In this piece, we sat […]

Woodwind Profile: Clarinet

By Tessa Montgomery


Even though the clarinet was invented hundreds of years ago, it is considered a newer orchestral instrument. It brings a unique, reed-based sound to multiple genres of music.

2023 Class of Future Leaders Program Announced

WGI and the WGI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee are excited to announce the 2023 class of the I AM WGI: Future Leaders Program, a mentorship and leadership opportunity for WGI performers across all regions and divisions.  Color Guard Andrew Elkins South Carolina   Chana Chhim Massachusetts   Reid Scholz Arizona   Seth Sharpe Ohio […]

WGI Hall of Fame: Wayne Harris

By Emily Ward:   The marching arts have always had a strong impact on the lives of people who participated. The performances, competitions, classes, and more have shaped many of us into who we are today. One of the people whose entire life was positively altered by our activity is Wayne Harris, one of the […]

Noir Independent: Emphasizing Diversity and Inclusion

By Kellie Finch   Diversity and inclusion are key words at the heart of most ensembles’ mission statements, but one winter guard based in Atlanta, Georgia emphasizes these beliefs at the very top of their organizational makeup. Founded and directed by Corey Hawkins, Noir Independent Winter guard aimed to foster an outlet for staff and […]