2023 WGI Board of Directors Announces Advisory Board Travel Grant

The WGI Board of Directors recently approved funds for an advisory board travel grant to foster growth and encourage new perspectives in the activity. This tuition will cover the expenses of up to three individuals who do not competitively qualify for the Advisory Board, allowing them to participate in the annual Advisory Board meeting this […]

WGI Members Perform Halftime at Superbowl LVII

Two members from the World Class WGI group, Fenix, had the experience of a lifetime performing with Rihanna at this year’s Superbowl LVII.  Alana Harris and Haley Hoffman are not only sharing the floor together this winter with Fenix Independent, but now they can say they shared the field together along with POP/R&B superstar Rihanna.  […]

Southeast Missouri State University Unveils New Winter Guard Play

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and it can take on many forms. For one individual, witnessing a performance of Mechanicsburg High School’s iconic 2014 production, “Forever Young”, was enough to inspire an entire play about the winter guard activity.  From a Southeast Missouri State University Press Release: March 1st – 5th is the world premiere […]

WGI Hall of Fame: Wayne Harris

By Emily Ward:   The marching arts have always had a strong impact on the lives of people who participated. The performances, competitions, classes, and more have shaped many of us into who we are today. One of the people whose entire life was positively altered by our activity is Wayne Harris, one of the […]

#WGI2023 Begins Tomorrow!

#WGI2023 is less than 24 hours away, and we need YOUR help to make this the biggest and best season ever for WGI!   Investing in Indoor helps ensure that future generations of performers and educators experience the MAGIC of WGI and all that it has to offer. Support the marching arts, support WGI, and […]

I-Squared Show Announcement

From an I-Squared Press Release:  Bakersfield, California — The 2023 cast of i-Squared (IO) explores the human emotions of love, and love lost.  Sometimes the distance feels so far away but still so near, yet we keep standing on our own.  Join us as we share our production, “The Distance Between Us” with the PPAACC […]

Cumberland University Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Cumberland University Winter Guard Press Release:  The Cumberland University Winter Guard is proud to present its 2023 program, “Less Talk, More Art”. Inspired by the artwork of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, “Less Talk, More Art” seeks to explore the world of pop art and encourage audiences to think outside the canvas – you […]

Lyman High School Varsity Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Lyman High School Varsity Winter Guard Press Release:  The 2023 Lyman High School Varsity Winterguard is proud to present their 2023 production, “Beware the Stranger,” an original story of love, betrayal, and murder based on the Film Noirs of the 1940s, with music adapted for the modern Femme Fatale.   The Lyman Diamonds […]

Icon Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Icon Winter Guard Press Release:  Icon Winter Guard is proud to announce their 2023 program: “This Human Heart”.     From the moment we are born we feel a heartbeat, a rhythm that teaches us of love, protection, and human connections. Though life may become messy and tangled, we continue to be guided by that […]

Paramount Show Announcement

From a Paramount Press Release: Program Title: “Drawn Together”   Repertoire: “Swanlights” by Anohni (& The Johnsons)   Our 2023 program, “Drawn Together,” explores the complexity and mystery of the human experience. Drawing inspiration from the classical tradition of sketching the human form, the program features scenes that showcase the strength, grace, elegance, and vulnerability […]

Fusion World Show Announcement

From a Fusion World Press Release: Clifton, New Jersey —  Fusion World is proud to announce their 2023 program entitled, “The Beat”, a multi-act performance that explores a variety of eclectic musical themes intended to energize, invigorate and excite our audiences.  Fusion World is under the direction of Rob Watson and the Artistic Director is […]

Perkiomen Valley High School Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Perkiomen Valley High School Press Release: Show Title: Reflections… You are who you’ve been looking for. Program Information: Bullying is not a reflection of the victim’s character, but rather a sign of the bully’s lack of character. Look past what these bullies say, look in the mirror, and find that you are who you’ve been looking […]

Arlington HS Admiral Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Arlington HS Admiral Winter Guard Press Release:  From the heart of the Hudson Valley of New York, the Arlington HS Admiral Winterguard is proud to present their 2023 production, Missing in Action: Vietnam.  Throughout the show, the members illustrate the complex history of the conflict in Vietnam, marking the 50th anniversary of the […]

Meridian Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Meridian Winter Guard Press Release: The Meridian Winter Guard is proud to present their 2023 Production, “Rollin’ Old School (The Argyle Race)” Taking our idea from a famous bike race that originated in England, this year’s show explores the nostalgia of this race as we recreate an old fashion bike race that would […]