2024 Winds Open Class Finalist Review

2024 Winds Open Class Finalist Review

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Congratulations to all of our 2024 Open class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Scholastic Open

1st - Catawba Ridge (91.625)

Pink Floyd would definitely approve of “The Dark Side Experience”. Catawba Ridge looked and sounded INCREDIBLE performing this show. This show really did have everything under the sun.

2nd - Daviess County (91.538)

Daviess County opens with a big impact and gets the crowd clapping along with them. No show theme was announced, but none was needed, as this performance connected emotionally with everybody in the stands.

3rd - Miamisburg HS (90.800)

“What’s the Buzz?” may “bee” the happiest show about honey bees you will ever see. The Miamisburg members perform this show with such joy, and the music will make you smile.

4th - Spring HS (88.150)

When your show has both beat poetry and Sade’s Smooth Operator, you know you are “Supreme Beings of Leisure”. Spring High School wasn’t leisurely about their performance, though.

5th - South Jones HS (86.775)

South Jones High School and “Shout!”will have you jumping out of your pew. That is, when you’re not following the drum set player getting wheeled around the floor while playing throughout the entire show.

Independent Open

1st - Valhalla Winds (89.425)

After opening with a lush rendition of Here’s That Rainy Day, Valhalla Winds leave us “Drenched”with all the notes they play during the rest of the show.

2Nd - Eva Independent Winds (86.700)

Featuring music from Kanye West and Rihanna, Eva’s performance of “Flawless” lives up to it’s name in every way, including how entertaining it is.

3rd - Evidence from william carey University (82.650)

Evidence takes a page from Blue Man Group’s playbook and makes great use of PVC tubing as tuned percussion instruments during “Renewed”

4th - MBI Winds (80.65)

“Make Your Mark” has MBI Winds performing George Gershwin’s follow up to Rhapsody In Blue, his Piano Concerto in F. Complete with a virtuoso piano player of their own, the show focuses on how Gershwin “made his mark” on American music despite what critics said about his compositions.