2024 SW Class Finalist Review

2024 SW Class Finalist Review

By: Trudy Horsting

Congratulations to all of our 2024 Scholastic World class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

1st - Avon HS (99.350)

Avon High School danced with grace, poise, and confidence in their production Voila Red fabric, representing the title complimented the all-white uniforms. The choreography of this French-inspired production perfectly fit with the music. These performers captured the audience instantaneously with gorgeous dance across the floor. Exquisite sabre and rifle choreography featured performers moving effortlessly in in tandem with the fabric. Bright yellow flags and yellow fabric finally replaced the red, flooding the floor for one final moment of color before an explosion of color and fabric ended the show. Avon High  School left the crowd yearning for more.

2nd - Arcadia HS (96.700)

The first moments of I’ve Seen It All made the audience want to see all of the show and more. Starting with an impressive lift that captivated the crowd, these performers confidently executed a variety of difficult lifts during the show. Throughout the production, small rectangular props were innovatively used to complement the choreography. Performers slid down, hung from, and tossed over these props in an effortless manner, as if they were extensions of their own bodies. A stunning layered flag feature flooded the floor with color as each row of performers used a slightly different silk. This production had darker tones that were perfectly personified by mature performers.

3rd - The Woodlands HS (94.850)

The Woodlands High School wasted no time getting the audience’s attention with crisp rifle work and impressive lifts to start the show. Their production The Light You Cannot See was uplifting and joyful. The performers were confident, composed, and moved with ease to the music across the floor. Props were effortlessly moved by performers and a board glided one performer across each prop as if she were floating. A beautifully layered flag feature brought light into the arena with shimmery white flag silks filling the floor. These performers reassured the crowd that there are beautiful lights in this world.

4th - Tarpon Springs HS (93.400)

Tarpon Springs told the story of the changing times with a news production unlike the audience had ever seen before. Equipped with a full brass band, spotlights, and newspaper clippings, these performers moved seamlessly across the floor. Tarpon Springs showcased the dynamism of the new generation, and the color and light they can bring to the world. Instead of repeating the typical news that showcases the same never-ending problems from previous generations, these performers skillfully demonstrated the change they’re capable of. Exquisite rifle tosses and a beautiful flag feature kept the audience’s eye. Ending with a brightly colorful newspaper that read “we are the change,” Tarpon Springs left the crowd with a reminder that every day we have the opportunity to change the The Times.

5th - Carmel HS (91.750)

Carmel High School reminded the audience of their own immortality in their production Memento Mori. Performers naturally navigated through and around beautiful bounds of fabric, as if riding the waves of life. Just as the water of the ocean moves consistently, these performers showed the beauty that can be found within change. Memento Mori mesmerized the audience with stunning lifts, elegant choreography, and impressive flexibility. Performers moved one another across the floor, gliding on fabric as if riding their own personal waterfall. This beautiful production not only captured the audience in the moment, but it also made the audience think long after its conclusion.

6th - El Dorado HS (91.700)

El Dorado High School transfixed the audience immediately in their production On the Outside Somewhat Elevated with a fast-paced dance feature into a silent rifle toss. These performers weren’t afraid to take risks, tossing rifles while jump roping over another performer. The show continued to draw the audience’s attention with a beautiful ensemble flag moment, a line of front walkover tosses, and a plethora of partner work and weight sharing. El Dorado moved with emotion and passion, and with energy in every moment. These confident performers continuously elevated their performance, ending this intense show on the most elevated part of their floor.

7th - Fishers HS (89.250)

Fishers High School brought the audience onto the ball field as they told the story of The Great American Game. Starting with a preshow that drew your attention and equipped with baseball uniforms, caps, and real stadium bleachers, the characterization these performers provided was unmatched. Fishers High School spun their equipment as effortlessly as if they were throwing a ball back and forth. Spinning rifle as the bleachers moved in circles, impressive trick tosses, and a stunning flag feature, were some highlights of this cute show. Fishers High School left the crowd wishing the game would never end.

8th - Kiski Area HS (87.550)

Kiski Area High School brought the UD arena into a world of illusion. Fitting the theme, the performers all impressively started the show upside-down. The floor was the perfect background for the production, as swirling staircases played tricks on the mind. As the show progressed stairs that were once stationary began rocking back and forth, continuing the illusion. These performers expertly and confidently navigated their props, transfixing the audience. A highlight of this show was a double time rifle feature on top of the continuously moving stairs. A tightknit orange flag feature was the perfect ending for this high energy show. This production may have been called It’s All Relative but this production was more than relatively stunning.

9th - Warren Central HS (86.500)

Warren Central High School brought an emotional story to the arena with their program titled Give Me Strength. This powerful and poignant production began with a little girl in distress, running through a crowd  who tugged at her arms and hair. Throughout the production she sat in sorrow, as confident and poised performers personified strength around her. These performers executed an exceedingly clean rifle feature and flag feature. Throughout the show, the choreography perfectly drew your eye leading your vision to what to watch next. At the end, the performers encircled the little girl, lifting her up in strength and demonstrating the power of being surrounded by those who support you both mentally, and physically.

10TH - Northview HS (86.400)

In their fun and bubbly 2024 production, Northview High School brought the entertainment factor. The show began with a sassy ensemble dance feature and that same energy was maintained until the last note of music. There was never a dull moment in this production from brightly colored uniforms and flags to high-energy tricks and stunning dance choreography. Dance, flag, rifle, and sabre soloists were the perfect transition into a sassy flag and rifle feature followed by more tight knit flag choreography. It is clear that Northview’s performers didn’t just have boots made for walking, but boots made for entertaining.

11th - Bellbrook HS (85.250)

Bellbrook High School brought the audience along as a Fellow Traveler in their journey across the floor. Rotating car seats provided the perfect place for challenging tosses and partner work to take place. Throughout the production, the connection between the performers was clear as they moved through their journey together with maturity and confidence. As the music softened, a stunning flag feature was followed by brilliant choreography around the steering wheel on the floor. Ending their show on the opposite side of the floor from where they started, these performers ended the journey of this particular production with the same poise and grace with which it began.

12th - Miamisburg HS (84.900)

Miamisburg High School didn’t just bring “Colors on the Snowy Linen Land,” they brought color to the whole arena. Throughout the production, the floor became increasingly illuminated with neon lights, but not until the performers crossed their path. Beginning with beautiful dance which showcased flexibility and grace these performers soon demonstrated that same grace in their rifle and flag choreography. An impressive duo spinning double sabres transfixed the audience as they expertly navigated two pieces of equipment simultaneously. This show ended in a beautiful flag feature, as performers, with lights of their own in their hair, lit up the arena with smiles.

13th - Flanagan HS (83.400)

A preshow set the tone for this production as performers gracefully moved across the floor, holding hands with one another. The flowy uniforms perfectly matched the grace Flanagan High School exuded as they performed Ethereal Echoes. Large pale blue silks filled the floor with color and interplay between the silks and rifles mesmerized the audience. Performers echoed one another with colorful flag silks before a strip of pale blue fabric was gracefully stretched across the floor. A beautiful ensemble dance moment was the perfect precursor for an impressive final rifle toss, which was caught on the shoulders of another performer.

14th - Stoneman Douglas HS (82.700)

Stoneman Douglas High School told the story of the journey of learning ASL through music and performance in their production SAUND. Spoken word over the soundtrack provided context to the message that performers effortlessly portrayed visually. Throughout the show, headphones provided a visual cue for deafness and performers skillfully spun through headphone cords. A dance feature in the middle of the production captured hearts as the symbolism of the show was evident. Before the flag feature, the music went silent, and relying only on one another, the performers wearing headphones, spun together in unison.

15th - Center Grove HS (81.250)

Center Grove High School’s emotional production told a story of regret, grief, and revaluation. These performers moved with passion and purpose across the floor. Beautiful interplay between sabres and flags and gorgeous choreography with yellow silks drew the attention of the audience. Block letters lay across the floor and four dimensional blocks were strategically used throughout the production amidst the choreography. These mature performers shared their emotion with the crowd in every second of their production.  In the final moment of this show, the performers signaled the end, spelling out its title, So Many Signs in their own block letters.