2024 PSW Class Finalist Review

2024 PSW Class Finalist Review

By: Kellie Finch 

Congratulations to all of our 2024 Scholastic World class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

1st - Chino Hills HS (98.638)

Chino Hills HS brought the audience on a never-ending, fast-paced journey with their 2024
performance, entitled “Running & Running.” Performers ran forward, backward, laying down,
and more as they explored the elegantly fleshed-out theme, continuing to build until the very

2nd - Ayala HS (97.538)

Ayala HS’s performers draped themselves across red scaffolding-style props as others dramatically fell to the floor to begin their 2024 production, entitled “As Above, So Below.” Gold masks decorated the ensemble’s faces as the music built in intensity, drawing the audience into the eerie world of the French catacombs.

3rd - Avon HS (96.113)

Avon HS’s 2024 production and its performers left its fair share of incomparable “Imprints” on the audience and each other. Tap dancing, colorful gloves, handstands, and Bob Fosse-inspired choreography brought texture to the overall effect, while an impressive bass drum and kick drum feature truly sealed the deal.

4th - Dartmouth HS (95.700)

Picasso, Mussorgsky, and Rembrandt were brought back to life in Dartmouth HS’s 2024 production, entitled “Gallery X: Where Art Comes to Life.” The battery emerged from behind paintings during the art museum’s audio tour, introducing the audience to cubism, stormy waters, and an unhatched chick invasion.

5th - Sparkman HS (94.338)

Sparkman HS brought light into a dark arena during their 2024 production, entitled “Guru: Dispeller of Darkness.” Masked performers followed the light of a featured dancer as a flute soloist played, teaching the audience that the true guru comes from within, and leaving one thing for certain: the true guru of WGI finals was Sparkman HS.

6th - Burleson Centennial HS (92.425)

Rain sticks scattered Burleson Centennial HS’s tarp as the battery partook in an intricate dance sequence, at the start of their 2024 production, entitled “Waiting for the Thunder.” Performers drummed on the rain sticks and spun them like windmills while the bass line added thunderous ambiance, leaving the audience certain of one thing: we’re certainly glad we waited.

7th - Clear Brook HS (91.100)

Smoke and flames filled the air of UD Arena as Clear Brook HS performed their 2024 production, entitled “Song of Fire.” A large volcano prop marked the corner of the floor as slapsticks and howl-like chants created a tribal environment, before powerfully intricate cymbal and bass drum features caused the volcano to erupt.

8th - Bridgeland HS (90.73)

A breathtaking, ethereal ascend to the heavens encompassed Bridgeland HS’s 2024 production, entitled “Toward the Heavens.” An exquisite balance of twinkling pit music and the powerful battery was joined by an oboe soloist, before a sheet covered the entire ensemble and three dancers climbed to the heavens—bringing the audience along, too.

9th - Saratoga HS (89.613)

Saratoga HS taught the UD Arena audience about the importance of being authentically themselves with their 2024 production, entitled “Façade.” Performers’ black masks switched off to showcase different colors as one member studied their reflection in the mirror, eventually deciding to remove their mask—and façade.

10th- Center Grove HS (89.213)

Intensity and passion coated the floor during Center Grove HS’s 2024 production, entitled “Reign.” Power repeatedly shifted as the ruler’s necklace was traded off to different performers, combining spear fights with Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” to add a different type of emotional depth to the story.

11th - Boswell HS (88.975)

Camera shutter clicks captured the essence of Boswell HS’s 2024 production, entitled “LenScapes.” A photographer danced around the floor taking pictures while a screen in the back broadcasted the importance of preserving memories.

12th - Broken Arrow HS

Siren songs entranced the audience and flooded the UD Arena floor during Broken Arrow HS’s 2024 production, entitled “After Me Comes the Flood.” An ethereal flute and French horn duet captured the drummers’ attention before the sirens made the ship their own, covering the entire floor in a layer of water.

13TH - Arcadia HS (87.725)

Arcadia HS explored a showcase of colors and shapes during their 2024 production, entitled “Phases.” Performers sporadically came out of a circular prop, marking different phrases in the show itself, before a sheer, yellow sheet covered the entire battery.

14th - Brownsburg HS (86.713)

Brownsburg HS painted an exquisite picture, both visually and musically, during their 2024 production, entitled “Curated.” Starry Night canvases turned modern as the mood shifted, embracing a jazzier ending as the audience learned about being authentic.

15th - Walled Lake Consolidated Schools (84.925)

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools gracefully surfed straight to PSW finals with their 2024 production, entitled “Aquapura.” Sheer tarp waves floated over the performers’ heads as an accompanied colorguard spun and an alto saxophone played, presenting a wonderfully “pure” finals performance.