2024 PSO Class Finalist Review

2024 PSO Class Finalist Review

By: Mikey McGuire

Congratulations to all of our 2024 Scholastic Open class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

1st - Victor J. Andrews HS (97.563)

With their 2024 program “Sheltered”, Victor J. Andrew deals with feelings of being trapped and the complex emotions that come with it. A spectacular talent base brought the show to intense, powerful life and left the arena positively buzzing with energy as they left the floor.

2nd - Fishers HS (97.113)

Fishers HS puts the black and white piano keys in conversation with their 2024 program “Between the Keys”. Backed up by a gorgeous set of piano themes backdrops, spectacular visual ensemble and tight as nails musical arrangement, Fishers HS turns heads.

3rd - Kettering Fairmont (96.450)

Kettering Fairmont HS shows how pain can turn you into something completely unrecognizable with their 2024 program “Love and Monsters”. With one of the most in-your-face shows of the weekend, Kettering Fairmont plays the breaks off the show and leaves it all on the floor with a deep, primal scream to close it out. 

4th - Zionsville Community HS (95.875)

Zionsville Community HS impressed us with their creativity and musicianship in their 2024 program, “Sonic Reflections”. Everything from their mirror props, their drill design, and their featured instrumentalists throughout the whole show was magnificent. 

5th - Fort Zumwalt Combined Schools (93.763)

Fort Zumwalt Combined Schools unlock the power of words in their 2024 program “The Words We Keep”. Bursting at the seems with energy, Fort Zumwalt urges the audience to use the blank canvas of letters to better themselves.

6th - Noblesville HS (93.250)

In their 2024 program “Toys in the Attic” Nobelsville HS takes a look at the hard knock life of forgotten toys left to their own devices. Full of intense play and wonder, the toys in the attic make sure you won’t forget them anytime soon.

7th - Pace HS (91.950)

Pace HS took a trip to a Middle Eastern bazaar in their 2024 program “Spice, Perfumes and Toxins”. Full of color, interesting sonic textures, and a high-level production design, Pace HS puts a spell on its audience from the downbeat and doesn’t let go until the bitter end. 

8th - Old Bridge HS (91.800)

Old Bridge HS took the audience on a sweet journey through Candy land in their 2024 program “Sugar Wonderland”. The gingerbread performers effortlessly put together one of the most entertaining shows in class, while still preforming at an exceptionally high level musically.

9th - Norwalk Combined Schools (90.938)

The clouds rolled in and with them came Norwalk Combined Schools 2024 production “Weather or not”. Full of Atmosphere, Norwalk stormed the floor and unleashed lighting in a bottle. 

10th - Franklin Community HS (88.525)

With a command of peace and power, Franklin Community HS unlocks the cage that holds them back in their 2024 show, “My Mind Holds the Key”. An energetic performance but reflective performance allows Franklin Community HS to make a powerful statement.

11th - Burleson HS (88.050)

Grab a headlamp and head down to the coal mines with Burleson HS and their 2024 program “Beacon of Light”. Telling the story of a father retuning home after an accident in the mines, Burleson HS lights up the room with an immersive and expertly preformed show. 

12TH - Thomas Jefferson HS (87.588)

With Thomas Jefferson and their 2024 program “Thin Air”, it gets harder to breathe the higher you climb.  As light in touch as its name suggest, “Thin Air” still blows you away with its intensity and its performer’s incredible commitment.

13th - Azle HS (87.263)

Do you think there are monsters under your bed? That might just be Azle HS and their 2024 program “Sweet Dreams”. Azle HS posits the idea that all those monsters want to do is play drums and be scary, and with a group of performers as talented as Azul’s, it played like a dream.

14th - Milton HS (85.500)

With the bone shaking thump of a bottom bass, Milton HS opens the world of what lies behind the walls of a spooky abandoned house in their 2024 program “The Unseen.”  Through a fantastic physical performance, Milton sets a terrifying scene around an unsuspecting visitor.

15th - Beavercreek HS (83.725)

From black and white Keith Haring doodles, came the most vibrant colors imaginable in Beavercreek HS 2024 production “Moving out Loud”. An undeniable ensemble performance and a voiceover from Haring himself, makes “Moving Out Loud” an unforgettable experience.