2024 PIW Class Finalist Review

2024 PIW Class Finalist Review

By: Kellie Finch 

Congratulations to all of our 2024 Independent World class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

1st - Pulse Percussion (98.500)

Aging and self-reflection quickly became focal points for Pulse Percussion’s 2024 production, entitled “GROW.” High-energy section features and dance breaks helped the show to build from start to finish, never truly taking a rest—leaving the audience on their feet by the end—though likely without a pulse.

2nd - Rhythm X (98.400)

Soft guitar melodies and birds chirping introduced the audience to Rhythm X’s interpretation of “Blackbird” by the Beatles in their 2024 production by the same name. Delicate phrases became powerful section features as more birds emerged from the trees, their feathers flying around the floor to reveal the original blackbird and its new, golden wings.

3rd - RCC (97.400)

RCC took the audience through a ride on life’s “Carousel” in their 2024 production. Setting the scene with a red rubber ball and a whimsical game of catch, everything quickly became deeper as a voiceover listed parts of life and death, before the carousel made its full rotation, and it all came back to that red rubber ball.

4th - Broken City (96.150)

Books scattered Broken City’s tarp, pit instruments, and the drummers’ bodies during their 2024 production, entitled “Tell.” In an energy-filled, inspiring showcase, the performers encouraged a little girl, and the audience as a whole, to search for the light within their hearts.

5th - Music City Mystique (95.213)

Music City Mystique lived up to its name’s nod to Nashville with its 2024 production, entitled “The Red Line.” Using sass, hairography, and long periods of silence for emphasis, Music City Mystique defined the line between hip hop and rock ‘n’ roll—then painted it red.

6th - Infinity (94.725)

The life and legacy of Infinity were left on the floor of UD Arena after their finals performance—in coffins, that is. “Stupid Deep” by Jon Bellion was played as the performers reflected on their lives in an almost militaristic fashion, using the utmost intensity to make sure the audience knew, “WE WERE HERE.”

7th - United Percussion (93.700)

Reflective shapes and shards of glass scattered the floor of United Percussion’s 2024 production, entitled “The Shape of Things to Come.” Props lit up and glowed across performers’ faces as a guitar soloist played, making it clear that regardless of what’s going on, United Percussion can shape us back together.

8th - Monarch Independent (92.088)

From delicate pink blossoms to an ethereal flute soloist trapped in a tree, Monarch Independent certainly gifted the audience a marvelous finals performance of their 2024 production, entitled “Giver.” The soloist graciously handed out their light, watching as they twinkled across the floor until there was no more left to give.

9th - Matrix (91.350)

Matrix connected the dots of human connection and life’s journey through their 2024 production, entitled “From Here To Somewhere.” Performers combined electronic music with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears to encourage the audience to always move forward through life, producing an intense storytelling experience.

10th - POW Percussion (90.688)

Like a moth is “Drawn to the Flame,” the UD Arena audience was drawn to POW Percussion’s 2024 production. Dancers represented the flames themselves, pulling the percussionists in one by one until they were all enveloped in the warmth.

11th - George Mason University (89.013)

Walk into a New Orleans jazz club based in the Underworld, and that’s the premise of George Mason University’s 2024 production, entitled “The Devil You Know.” A saucy alto saxophone and trombone showdown steered the show before one performer was tied up by the rest, realizing that there’s a bit of devilish behavior in all of us.

12TH - Atlanta Quest (88.388)

Atlanta Quest sped their way right into the hearts of the audience with their 2024 production, entitled “DRIVE.” The music was driving and so were the performers, in the midst of a race to see who could get to the finish line faster—in their stylish sunglasses, of course.

13th - Cap City (86.138)

Cap City embraced the bare “Skin and Bones” of the human anatomy in their 2024 production. Dainty keyboard music, partner work, and an alto saxophone solo brought the show to life, even as the performers were “dying”—leaving nothing but dust in their place.

14th - ConneXus (86.050)

Despite their show’s name, ConneXus did not leave a single “Remnant” on the floor after their UD finals run. Between the effortless lifts and intricate partner work, it was clear to the audience that the members of ConneXus couldn’t live without each other.

15th - Rhythmic Force Percussion (85.950)

Rhythmic Force Percussion explored the line between the real and the pretend with their 2024 production, entitled “This Version of You.” Props revealed pictures of eyes, flowers, hands, and more as the audience was introduced to the real versions of each performer, removing their masks.