2024 PIO Class Finalist Review

2024 PIO Class Finalist Review

BY: Mikey McGuire

Congratulations to all of our 2024 Independent Open class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

1st - Meraki (98.488)

Meraki welcomes you into its stark white afterlife in their 2024 production “Wait for Now”. As the delicate, curtains part and the final lights shine, a roaring performance with dynamic peaks as intense and definitive as can be, reaches a gentle end at the hands of its incredibly skilled performers. 

2nd - Q2 (95.650)

Q2 stuns with their 2024 program “Beyond The Veil”. With a cold color pallet, Q2 finds the warmth in honoring passed loved ones and conveys it so beautifully through a rich soundscape and a deeply emotional musical performance.

3rd - Cap City 2 (93.950)

Cap City 2 finds beauty beneath the rust in their stellar 2024 program “Tarnished”. An almost flawlessly executed music package, paired with the stunning production value, makes “Tarnished” exceptional.

4th - IMPACT Percussion (93.900)

Impact Percussion get super creative with their 2024 program “Split”. A stellar musical package executed to a fine point, along with a fantastic use of props and space, come together to make a simple show concept feel so rich.

5th - Civitas Independent (93.350)

Civitas Independent make a strong impression with their 2024 program “Sleepwalking Underwater”. Filled with beautiful ensemble moments, and driven by such palpable emotions from each individual member, “Sleepwalking Underwater” is a powerful work.

6th - UTSA (92.688)

Full of the terrifying grace of a snake, UTSA gave empathy to our no legged friends in their 2024 program “The Misssssunderstood”. With an understated power, UTSA slithered onto the floor with a wonderful musical book to back up one of the most interesting and well performed shows in class.

7th - Bakersfield College (91.213)

With their 2024 program “Mind the Noise” Bakersfield College reflects on sound, and the lack there of, in a masterful work of vibe setting. “Mind the Noise” comes fully formed right from the start, thanks to its impeccable production design and spectacular performances.

8th - Veritas (90.913)

Veritas plays with the idea of deterioration with age in their 2024 production “Fade”. It’s starts with a ringing in the ear, then a loss of self recognition, until it all fades to black in a beautifully staged final set piece. 

9th - Breakthrough Indoor Percussion (89.025)

Encased in a shiny gold, lies a diamond crusted interior in Breakthrough Percussions 2024 production “Unbreakable”. A prop-less tarp allows the crystal clear beats to speak volumes, while an untouchable confidence radiates from each performer until it burst out the arena doors.

10th - Vision Percussion (88.863)

As the world is engulfed in flames, the only thing to feel is pure bliss. Vision Percussions excellent 2024 program “The World Aglow” centers around that bittersweet idea, and when brought to life with such talented performers in control, the only thing to feel is pure bliss. 

11th - United Percussion 2 (88.550)

United Percussion 2 navigates and tries to revitalize the barren and dangerous concrete jungle in their 2024 program “Find a Way”. Full of hip hop influence and an undeniable energy, UP2 fill the room with color as they make their way to a rousing end.

12th - Spectre Percussion (88.125)

The art gallery sits in new perspective with Spectre Percussions 2024 program “The Impressionist”. As musically light and wistful as the Claude Monet art that inspired it, Spectre sets the scene perfectly while still expressing the deep emotions that drove Monet’s pastel colors to the canvas.

13th - Orange County Independent (85.800)

Orange County Independents 2024 program “Ephemeral” ebbs and flows like the waves, starting and ending engulfed in blue. Orange County approaches the familiar theme with an unmatched intensity at its peaks and a profound gentleness when it ebbs, making for a truly beautiful work.

14th - Infinity 3 (85.275)

Infinity 3 shreds their way onto the floor with their 2024 production “What Could Have Been”. Rich with a dark, metal born musical energy, and driven by screaming guitar lines, Infinity 3 played loud and oozed intensity.

15TH - Paradigm percussion (84.813)

Paradigm Percussion trots on the floor with their hilarious 2024 production “The Dog Show”. With the Westminster Dog Show as a backdrop, Paradigm leaves the audience grinning from ear to ear and barking all the way home with their fantastic comedic sensibilities and Incredible musical chops.