2022 SW Class Finalist Recaps

By: Trudy Horsting

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Scholastic World class finalists! View a recap of their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Avon HS (93.950) 1st

Avon HS’s 2022 program “The Age of Anxiety” was relatable, thought provoking, and emotional. It portrayed the internal struggle of anxiety by visually presenting clear boxes which trapped performers. Performers, seemingly trapped by their own mind, broke down the walls of the boxes throughout the show. The emotion and conviction on the faces of Avon’s performers brought you onto the floor and into their minds. The show ends with every box broken down, an escape from anxiety, and a joyful celebration amongst both the team and the audience.


Carmel HS (92.500) 2nd

Carmel HS in their show “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” continuously used an inventive metal prop that perfectly flowed with the curvature of the performers’ bodies. This emotional show featured pink and blue costuming upon a blue floor. The prop was used to create artistic shapes and provide a vehicle for performers to move across the floor. At one point, rifles were exchanged over the prop, the performers moved immediately to the ground, and the prop rolled across them in perfect spacing and impeccable timing. This touching and passionate show was portrayed effortlessly by the performers at Carmel HS.

The Woodlands HS (90.950) 3rd

This upbeat show featuring performers with their hair down, headbands, and beautiful white costumes provided something fun to watch in every moment. Rectangular props were used creatively, propped on different sides, lifted up, and danced within. The Woodlands did not hold back in their performance incorporating choreography that used their teeth and fun hip sways. Skillful exchanges across an original colorful floor were memorizing. A beautiful flag feature finished out this stunning show titled “The Doors are Open.”

Miamisburg HS (90.300) 4th

Miamisburg HS showcased elegance and grace in their show entitled “Love Dream.” This production appeared to take place in a dress salon with beautiful dresses hung on mannequins, a mirror, a grey lounge chair, and collection of white chairs where much of the action took place. A magnificent weapon line used the chairs and each other to manipulate their sabres and rifles with confidence, balance, and control. A highlight of this show was the moment where rifles spun two rifles simultaneously. Miamisburg HS brought the audience into a gorgeous dream filled with pastel-colored flags and skilled choreography that viewers wished they didn’t wake up from.

Fishers HS (88.250) 5th

Time seemed to stop in Fishers High School’s production “Timeless.” The incorporation of umbrellas within the choreography in this show provided a unique eye-catching moment. This show featured frozen performers playing instruments, holding umbrellas, or posing by themselves. As the other performers moved throughout the floor to gentle, calming music, you were reminded of the individuals who were timeless. In the last moments of the show, the umbrella one of the frozen performers was holding is handed off symbolically to someone who is moving through time. 

Tarpon Springs HS (86.750) 6th

Tarpon Springs HS’s 2022 show “Off The Wall” utilized props which resembled buildings, even outfitted with working doors and windows. Each piece of graffiti on the walls came to life throughout the show including a heart balloon, bouquets and a sign which read “Love is the answer.” This high energy show incorporated modern music such as Billie Ellish’s “Bad Guy.” Tarpon Springs was fast paced, intense, and powerful. This show had everyone on the edge of their seats as there was always something unique and engaging to watch.

Arcadia HS (86.350) 7th

“Making our Scars Gold” presented by Arcadia HS told a story to the audience that no matter how fragile we may be, we are beautiful. The color gold emerged throughout the floor with golden flag silks, large and small pieces of golden fabric, and stunning golden uniforms. These performers creatively used props which seemed to emulate scars across the floor, turning them on every side and angle. Arcadia HS emulated poise and charm as they created long extensions with their bodies. This unique show brought emotion and creativity to life.

Warren Central HS (85.300) 8th

Warren Central HS ingeniously used pieces of floor to develop their show, “My World.” What begins with just one small diamond piece transforms into a full floor which touts the title of their show. Warren Central HS also utilizes unique long poles, an impressive silent rifle feature, and some fun quirky music to draw the audience in. Gold color is found on silks, rifles, and the poles, tying each piece together. The show ends with a performer spinning flag on each piece of the floor. They then ripple off one by one, bringing their piece of the world with them.

Center Grove HS (82.200) 9th

Center Grove HS utilized unique curved ladder props in their show “Mysterium.” This graceful but fast-paced show incorporated clever choreography within and outside the props. Performers did walk overs from the ladders, tossed over them, hung from them, and maneuvered them gracefully across the floor. This group touted teal sparkly costumes above a muted black floor. The incorporation of beautiful pink silks added another dimension to the pallet and presentation of this lovely show.

Northview HS (81.750) 10th

Northview HS had a blast with their show “Pearl.” This group was high energy and fun on the floor letting their hair down and even getting the audience clapping. Dressed in fringed pants, feather boas, and purple sunglasses, you knew from their first entrance they were there to have a good time. These performers were confident, expertly working around a couch prop and locking in eye contact with the audience on every toss. This unique show which utilized carpet on top of the floor, was certainly something you couldn’t take your eyes off of.

West Broward HS (81.700) 11th

This clever show titled “Three Women Seated” utilized color blocking on the floor and on the costumes to separate performers, designating them to certain areas. Girls dressed in brown, green, and pink were featured in their respective sections of the floor while the other performers utilized the white space and had costumes which incorporated every color. Use of props like a giant makeup compact, chair, and pink handbags used by confident performers entertained the audience from the first second to the last. In the final moments, the performers move joyfully into the color blocks they hadn’t stepped foot in throughout the rest of the show.

Chino Hills HS (81.050) 12th

“Deception Perception” was a perfectly titled show by Chino Hills HS. A droopy clock hung over blue cloud covered window pieces to set the stage. Two large golden clock hands were integrated throughout the production and black strings attached to the end of flag poles were used to amplify choreography as performers played jump rope with the contraption. A silk partway through the show was revealed to read “this is not a transition” and a costume change revealed colorful orange tops. At the last clock chime the team congregated toward the metal tree in the corner of the floor which had been used to hang equipment and costuming. A final silk read “This is not WGI” but a human eye replaced the letter.

Norwin HS (79.000) 13th

“Remember our Eclipse” by Norwin HS portrays an eclipse that disappears. Showcasing the sun on one side of the floor contrasted to the moon, the performers interplayed between the two planets and each other. Their glittered silver uniforms provided a perfect visualization for the stars. As the music becomes more chaotic, the choreography follows suit. The performance ends with the floor covering the images of the planets, and the performers enveloping themselves within the floor, leaving a black scene. The Eclipse is gone

Stoneman Douglas HS (77.200) 14th

Stoneman Douglas HS made technology come alive in their 2022 production “THE GAME.” This show featured TV screens which revealed different players and even a QR code for audience participation. The show also incorporated various video game props including tall poles and pink triangles. As the show progressed, different teams encountered new challenges, were deemed winners, and moved on to the next round. This show was fun, entertaining, and certainly a crowd pleaser. The show ended with a resounding “game over” and the winner of the game ended up nailing the final toss of the show.

Flanagan HS (75.800) 15th

Flanagan HS demonstrated what it means to find resilience in times of hardship in their beautiful show “Rooted in Pain.” The spoken word behind the soundtrack articulated how everyone feels pain, disappointment, and loss. As the show continued, joyful music entered the scene and performers demonstrated strength and optimism. Although this show begins with a beautiful soloist, it expresses we are not alone in our journey. This show is a powerful reminder that we all struggle, but we all can rise.

East Coweta HS (71.100) 16th

The journey of life was explained with music by East Coweta HS in their show “The World is Basically Playful.” Performers used large pink and blue spheres along with one which looked like the earth throughout this production. Large props resembling organ pipes swung providing a beautiful general effect and innovative use of the balls drew your eye across the floor. A small hourglass sitting upon a pillar served as a visual reminder for the passing of time. The show ended with a focus on this hourglass as performers raised the earth above their head. East Coweta HS demonstrated the beauty of each moment of time and provided the audience a lovely production to spend a few precious moments of their life enjoying.