2022 PIO Class Finalist Recaps

By: Ed Johnson

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Independent Open class finalists! View a recap of their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Infinity 2 (97.500) 1st

Infinity 2 used tree props, large pieces of blue cloth, and even a boat to help bring their production of “The Fountain” to life.  Dialogue was used throughout the program to help create the story. The snare section was the first featured, followed by the front ensemble, who helped to change the mood with a very melodic section. LED lights added color to the production. The Battery was very energetic and used various body moves throughout. Each individual section played with confidence that was present from performer to performer. The story was very easy to follow and well-presented both theatrically and musically. 


Civitas Independent (96.275) 2nd

Civitas Independent presented their production of “The Noise Within” using a uniform of green and gray on a black and white printed floor. Props displaying Edison lights were displayed around the floor. The show begins with a full body ensemble moment while the front gives support with a very animated feature. Each battery section is then presented with a section solo.  The props lit around the floor pull our eyes to where an individual solo is presented. The bass line delivers a very crowd-pleasing feature near the end of the production. It was a very dynamic ending that showed us we all have a light to shine within us. 

Freedom Percussion (93.788)

Turquoise and black uniforms help set the scene for Freedom’s 2022 production of “metallic” set on a tarp printed to look like a piece of steel riveted together. Tall props are used by the performers to create the metallic sounds. Large pieces of metal are used in the front ensemble to help promote the theme even more. The ensemble uses the body constantly throughout the performance. The front ensemble brings us to a softer section during the middle of the production. The Props are moved and change shape so that large pieces of metal hang.  Performers use these during a section to create that metallic sound again. The show is very high energy and finishes off with the use of metal plates and sounds around the floor for one final hit.

River City Rhythm (93.575) 4th

River City Rhythm is wearing buffalo print shirts and blue jeans to define their production of “Paved Paradise”.  The floor is a grassy print with large wood shaped props surrounding the floor, giving us a sense of being in the woods. Body work is used with prop axes to set the mood of the production. Tenors have a strong opening statement while the front ensemble is giving us the music of Copeland. The show uses body work to show the cutting of the trees during all musical statements. In the middle of the production, the floor is turned into a parking lot full of lamp posts while the bass line performs a section feature. The snare line is dynamic in bringing energy to the performance. The final statement is made when the last tree is cut down. 

Gold Indoor Percussion (93.188) 5th

Gold Indoor percussion presents “Pristine – Less” set on a white floor with gray waves, with the performers wearing gray printed uniforms. Large, curved props set in a circle on the floor added dimensionality to the performance. The ensemble began the production with a body section inside the circular prop. The Voice Over helped to set the mood of the program. The snare line opens the production with a section feature. The curved props are moved during the performance, adding to the design of the drill. A beautiful melodic moment is presented by the front ensemble to help change the mood. The middle snare feature is presented while incorporated with the props moving around the floor. The show is very energetic from both the performers and design of the production. 

Meraki Percussion (92.575) 6th

Meraki Percussion presented their 2022 show “Without You” wearing purple and black uniforms set on a printed floor. Large shaded red backdrops framed the back of the floor. Dance performers set a different mood being in different costumes. The opening statement shows the struggle between two performers which help set the theme. The battery is energetic and strong in their playing, and various sounds from the front ensemble help to give us the sense of struggle during the performance. The group performs a strong body moment during the middle of the production.  All battery statements were strong in their features.  The performance kept you feeling the sense of struggle throughout the show.

Matrix Open (91.975) 7th

Matrix Open presents “As I See It” using a very bright printed floor and multicolored uniforms.  Large props of various colors also surround the floor. the program opens with the front ensemble setting the mood. A large screen projection is used and moves around the floor. The opening snare section is dynamic and clean. The tenors are then featured, followed by the bass line. The voice over helps to describe the program as it evolves. The show is constantly moving and is very energetic with lots of meaningful impacts.

Cap City 2 (89.825) 8th

Cap City 2 dressed in shades of blue and gray to help set the production of “A sea of plastic”. The floor is various shades of blue with tube props perched in the corners. The ensemble was very aggressive from the second the show started. Lots of large ensemble hits set the stage for the production. The front ensemble changes the mood with a softer section played on the synths. Aqua colored material covered the bass line as it was featured in a solo section.  Large barrels are used to create different sounds as drums were played with plastic bottles. Large cylinders full of plastic bottles are dumped on the floor to help bring the theme of the show to a finality. 

Bakersfield College (89.438) 9th

Bakersfield College wore white and gray costumes on the front with black backs to portray their 2022 production “What Now”. The production opens with a body statement from the full ensemble, aided by the front ensembles strong opening statement. The use of fellow performers as stands was a unique touch to the production. The battery was very energetic and articulate in their playing. The uniform change from front to back added another element to the production as it gave us that question of “what now?” throughout the program. 

IMPACT Percussion (88.550) 10th

IMPACT Percussion presented their production of “Don’t Panic” wearing white costumes on a printed floor. Large stage-like props surround the floor. The first impact was very energetic and set the stage for a great performance. The tenor section feature is played while the drums are lying on the prop. The snare drums follow with a feature being performed on the ramps of the props. Each section of the ensemble is showcased during the performance. The ending of the performance brings us to a sense of peace. 

Resistance Indoor Percussion (87.925) 11th

A Pink floor and yellow costumes set the stage for their 2022 production                “Un-masqued”. The face coverings worn by the performers added to the understanding of the title of the program.  The production began with a very strong body section from the performers with front ensemble musical contributions. The snare section solo was very strong and accented what the dancers were doing visually. The show was very involved always using the props during the drill portions.  the cymbal section performed a very interesting solo section using the body.  The production ended with the face coverings being removed that helped to bring the theme of the production to the end.

Q2 (87.688) 12th

Large, triangular props, adorned with different words, and strapped to the back of each performer, helped tell the production of “The Wait We Carry”. The ensemble maneuvered the large props on their back with precision showing the weight of the words they carried. Each feature section showed the meaning of the word weight in their own unique ways. The front ensemble does an excellent job of changing the mood with their feature section. Near the end of the performance, the word props were removed and costumes were changed to show the relief from the weight. The battery was placed on racks that were movable and the performers played while these were being manipulated across the floor, again showing the removal of the weight off of one's body and mind.  LED lights are added to end the production. 

Triple Crown (85.675) 13th

Presenting their 2022 production “Timber”, the unit was dressed in buffalo plaid shirts with suspenders.  The floor was a printed cross of buffalo plaid and grass patches.  Large backdrops of printed forest scenes were used to help set the scene. Large wood printed props on the floor helped to elevate the ensemble with a very whimsical beginning to the show.  Using the prop to create different wooden sounds, the entire production was very high paced and energetic. We even get a glimpse of Bigfoot during the show! The use of props brought a bigger understanding of the production, with a strong musical statement from the front ensemble.  A very fun show. 

Vision Percussion (85.500) 14th

Visions production of “Right Place?” was set on a floor of multiple colors with tall backdrops surrounding the scene.  The ensemble itself was dressed in a gray costume, and the production was based around music being an escape to life. A very strong sense of body  was shown during the performance by the members.  The bass line begins the feature section soon followed by the tenors. The solo snare rivals the tenor player during the middle section.  bringing to close with a strong musical statement from the bass line. There was lots of energy from various individual performers throughout the performance, demonstrating a wide variety of talent in the ensemble.

Motor City Percussion (85.300) 15th

Motor City Percussion performed a program entitled “Blue”, using a floor with the colors pink, yellow, and Blue to set the stage. Pink square shape props that were movable added to the set design. The Ensemble used blue face and head coverings reminiscent of the Blue Man Group.  the opening statement of castanets was impressive and different. Each section of the ensemble was featured in a very entertaining yet technical manner. The show was energetic and comical.  large PVC type tubes added different sounds and colors to the rhythms being played. The production finished with toilet paper streamers covering the performers. Definitely A crowd favorite.