2022 IW Class Finalist Recaps

By: Trudy Horsting

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Independent World class finalists! View a recap of their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Pride of Cincinnati (97.250) 1st

Pride of Cincinnati was visibly full of energy as performers shook and grew with the music. This show titled “Adios” tells the story of someone determined to make decisions and learn lessons by themselves. The performers demonstrated confidence and poise in this fast-paced show. The props used in this production were innovative pieces of metal which could be used as a seesaw to hoist performers gracefully into the air. The integration of these pieces in the latter half of the show wowed the audience as performers flipped, twisted, spun, and tossed from harnesses high in the air. “Adios” ended with each prop lifting a performer and the other performers emulating the same perfect picture center stage.


Diamante (96.400) 2nd

Diamante brought power and precision in their show “Beyond Words.” Incredible, mind boggling lifts took center stage at the opening of the show as two performers walked on their hands for eternity into the center to join them. Weapon tricks were executed with confidence and ease as exchanges occurred over performers heads and tosses were thrown inches from others in a straight, vertical line. This show utilized breath and balance as performers relied on one another as they stood on their heads and weight shared. The show came full circle as the two performers who walked on their hands at the start of the show completed the same path again, ending centerstage.

Onyx (94.050) 3rd

Onyx’s 2022 show “Sure, on This Shining Night” was the epitome of finesse, grace, and elegance. Bright blue uniforms illuminated the white floor and glittered costume panels shown like stars. Stunning lifts and weapon choreography memorized the audience. This show was a slower pace, filled with precision, and calming music. The duet at the end of the performance was the perfect way to top off a beautiful show and leave the audience something extra to remember.

Paramount (92.400) 4th

Four triangle metal props were used in Paramount’s show to build the story of their production “Until the End.” Throughout the performance pieces of cloth were draped over the props to provide visuals for the end of the world. Songs such as “It’s the End of the World as We Know it” and “I will survive” provided a fun twist to this dark theme. A muted but colorful ball was passed across the floor, representing the earth struggling to survive. Symbolically, one performer carries this ball on their back, burdened by the weight of the world. This ball vanishes beneath a prop only to emerge as a bright silver version of itself. “Till the World Ends” begins to play as the mood of the show fully evolves to be joyful, upbeat, and optimistic and the performers surround this new version of the earth.

Blessed Sacrament (92.350) 5th

Four white rectangular props were used creatively in Blessed Sacrament’s show “Cannon InDeed.” Color flag silks were draped across the props, changing their aesthetic. The floor was a printed picture of these props, tying the entire performance space together. Performers were dressed in blue checkered uniforms and their energy matched the fast-paced nature of the show. This high energy and joyful production incorporated color in unexpected places, providing tasteful nuances of brightness which fit the bright smiles of Blessed Sacrament’s performers.

AMP Winter Guard (91.750) 6th

AMP Winter Guard had the audience laughing along with the performers. With neon colors, barrels of hazard materials, and painted joker faces, this show was anything but ordinary. Your eye was drawn across the floor as overdramatized expressions and impressive tricks occurred in every corner. The commitment of the performers to the role, clever design, and brightly colored costumes (and even hair) left the audience begging for more. AMP exemplified just how fun colorguard can be. They beg the question, “Why so serious?”

Etude (89.650) 7th

Etude are unicorns personified. Their show, entitled “Unicorn” was graceful, elegant, and eye catching. Performers began in gorgeous long white dresses, manipulating their skirts as an extra visual. Throughout the show their skirts came off revealing a sequined silver body suit. A metal sculpture in the center of the floor resembled an oversized unicorn horn and the performers climbed up and down the piece throughout the performance. Their final pose reached toward the unicorn horn, tilted to an angle, held effortlessly by one performer gazing toward the group.

UCF Pegasus World (88.450) 8th

UCF Pegasus World’s 2022 show was titled “Kubrick.” The show tells the story of American film producer and director Stanley Kubrick. The spoken word over the soundtrack explains Kubrick’s philosophy with film. He didn’t believe in hiring people for different parts of the process. If he was going to create a film, he would do it all himself. Performers portrayed this narrative skillfully in this energetic show featured around two red chairs and a table. 

Malachi (86.700) 9th

Malachi’s show “You & I” was an emotional piece which was executed with strength and conviction. Despite a black and grey floor, two colorful flags nearly immediately entered the scene. Partner work, beautiful lifts, and moments of weight sharing embodied the theme of relationships. At the end, two groups and a couple remain but the couple slowly separates from one another and returns to their own group. Malachi made the audience feel a host of emotions, bringing them into the narrative transpiring on the floor.

Fusion Winter Guard (86.400) 10th

Fusion Winterguard told the story of what exactly is “In The Great Green Room.” This lighthearted show had a youthful energy as the soundtrack described everything in the room such as a little toy house and a pair of mittens. Performers moved joyously across the floor with breath and grace. Fusion brought this room to life through their movement, expression, and poise. The program ended with the swaying of a rocking chair in the corner of the floor as the soundtrack uttered “Goodnight Moon.”

ORIGINS (85.600) 11th

ORIGINS breathed new life into the arena as they performed their 2022 program “Genesis.” Dressed in stunning and sparkly costumes these performers used breath to emulate growth and renewal. Origins used every inch of the floor (and beyond), including ramps that blended perfectly into the gorgeous blue flower design of the floor. This lighthearted show demonstrated both grace and power. The show ended with performers following along the lines of the floor, reaching and connecting with one another.

Juxtaposition (83.300) 12th

Juxtaposition’s props instantly drew your eye. A picture frame of red bars, two walls of red bars, and red poles around the floor were utilized incessantly in many creative ways. Red ribbons attached to various props and the performers skillfully engaged with these lines within their choreography. A mashup of popular songs such as Gravity by Sara Bareilles and I Want to Break Free by Queen brought high energy to this performance. The performers were fierce, powerful, and perfectly represented the story of “The Ties that Bind.”

Fenix Independent (82.300) 13th

FeniX Independent was truly “A Breath of Fresh Air.” These performers start their show draped delicately over one another center stage with the exception of 4 sabres who begin the equipment work. Incredible sabre choreography moves effortlessly across the floor and flags spin as if they’re floating on air. FeniX showcased a clean, crisp, and beautiful flag feature which breathed new life into everyone watching. Perfectly named, this show was the epitome of grace, elegance, and polish.

FIU World (81.700) 14th

A tight knit flag feature and gorgeous lifts made FIU World a production you couldn’t take your eyes from. Performers entered the floor standing upon a table, fitting for their show entitled “Table for Two.” The table continuously moved across the floor, incorporated in practically every moment of choreography. This joyful show portrayed a love story and various duets were integrated throughout the production. The performers ended by placing their flags in a heart shape with two dancers in the center, visibly and effortlessly in love.

Invictus (80.850) 15th

Invictus World used a beautiful colorful floor contrasting with muted purple costumes. Their production “Let Me In” featured a plethora of unique lifts and weight sharing poses. Extravagant rifle exchanges were conducted skillfully and effortlessly by performers. Bright pink and orange flags added even more color to the floor and moments of quiet pause built anticipation in this fast-paced show. The final pose where performers all piled on one another center stage captured the theme of the show impeccably.