Union City CG Prelims - Results

Show Date: 3/16/2019
Updated: 3/17/2019 at 7:13 PM

All scores posted are not official until 90 minutes after the conclusion of the round or contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges after the final unit.

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No. Group Name Score Division
Scholastic Regional A
1Monta Vista HS JV (Cupertino, CA)81.200I
2Vacaville HS (Vacaville, CA)79.050I
3Golden Valley HS JV (Merced, CA)78.870I
4Riverbank HS (Riverbank, CA)73.490II
5Depoali MS (Reno, NV)70.970II
    Score Division
Scholastic A
   Round 1    
1Laguna Creek HS ( Elk Grove, CA)82.980I
2Buchanan HS ( Clovis, CA)79.920I
3Golden Valley HS ( Merced, CA)79.170I
4Ridgeview HS ( Bakersfield, CA)78.310I
5Granite Bay HS ( Granite Bay, CA)77.500I
6Vanden HS ( Fairfield, CA)73.000II
7Lynbrook HS ( San Jose, CA)70.830II
8Century HS ( Hillsboro, OR)68.940II
9Foothill HS ( Pleasanton, CA)68.770II
   Round 2    
1Amador Valley HS ( Pleasanton, CA)84.160I
2Selma HS ( Selma, CA)81.320I
3Monta Vista HS Varsity ( Cupertino, CA)75.750I
4El Segundo HS ( El Segundo, CA)75.350I
5Branham HS ( San jose, CA)74.530II
6Live Oak HS JV ( Morgan Hill, California)71.760II
7El Capitan HS ( Merced, CA)70.560II
   Round 3    
1Live Oak HS ( Morgan Hill, CA)83.700I
2South San Francisco HS ( South San Francisco, CA)81.080I
3Enochs HS ( Modesto, CA)75.820I
4Atwater HS ( Atwater, CA)75.210I
5Granada HS ( Livermore, CA)73.950II
6Clovis East HS ( Clovis, CA)72.480II
7Leigh HS ( San Jose, CA)70.800II
8Independence HS (Bakersfield) ( Bakersfield, CA)69.890II
9Saratoga HS JV ( Saratoga, CA)65.830II
Independent A
1Paradigm Independent (Merced, CA)80.390-
2University of Nevada, Reno Winter Guard (Reno, NV)79.490-
3Opal (Los Angeles, CA)74.410-
4The Edmonton Ambassadors (The CGC YEG Ambassadors are from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is their first time performing and competition internationally.)69.010-
5Spreckels Independent Winterguard (Spreckels, CA)66.650-
Independent Open
1Arete Winterguard (Bakersfield, CA)82.000-
2Frente (Clovis, CA)79.700-
3Tri-City Winter Guard (Fremont, CA)69.900-
    Score Division
Scholastic Open
1El Capitan HS (Merced , CA)83.500I
2Saratoga HS (Saratoga, CA)81.700I
3Clovis HS (Clovis, CA)78.100I
3Jesse Bethel HS (Vallejo, CA)78.100I
5Merced HS (Merced, CA)75.200I
6Homestead HS (Cupertino, CA)74.500II
7James Logan HS (Union City, CA)73.500II
    Score Division
Scholastic World
1James Logan HS (Union City, CA)85.200I
2Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)83.300I
3Golden Valley HS (Bakersfield, CA)79.900I
4Stockdale HS (Bakersfield, CA)75.300I
Independent World
1Imbue (Modesto, CA)87.800-
2In Motion Performance Ensemble (Fairfield, CA)75.900-
3Sacramento State Winter Guard (Sacramento, CA)53.500-