Las Vegas CG Finals - Results

Show Date: 2/24/2018
Updated: 2/25/2018 at 6:49 AM

All scores posted are not official until 90 minutes after the conclusion of the round or contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges after the final unit.

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No. Group Name Score Division
Scholastic Regional A
1 Silverado HS (Las vegas, Nevada) 73.970II
2 Foothill HS (Henderson, Nevada) 71.470II
3 Mater Dei HS (Santa Ana, California) 70.890II
Independent Regional A
1 Malachi IRA (Denver, Colorado) 73.850-
2 Pisteuo (Aurora, Colorado) 56.960-
    Score Division
Scholastic A
1 Eastlake HS JV (El Paso, Texas) 75.720I
2 Foothill HS Varsity (Henderson, Nevada) 75.060I
3 Liberty HS (Henderson, Nevada) 71.130II
4 Arbor View HS (Las Vegas, Nevada) 68.600II
5 Riverbank HS (Riverbank, California) 58.740III
Independent A
1 Malachi Independent A (Denver , Colorado) 76.720-
2 FeniX Independent (Tempe, Arizona) 74.680-
3 (, Other (not Displayed)) 0.000-
    Score Division
Scholastic Open
1 Eastlake HS (El Paso, Texas) 78.500I
2 Sierra Vista HS (Las Vegas, Nevada) 63.100II
Independent Open
1 CGT Denton (Denton, Texas) 80.600-
2 702 Ind-Guard (Las Vegas, Nevada) 71.500-
3 UNLV Winterguard (Las Vegas, Nevada) 71.300-
Independent World
1 CGT Dallas (Dallas, Texas) 82.400-
1 Imbue (Modesto, California) 82.400-
3 FeniX Independent (Tempe, Arizona) 74.500-
4 In Motion Performance Ensemble (Fairfield, California) 73.400-
5 Malachi Independent (Denver, Colorado) 66.100-