IA Prelims - Results

Show Date: 4/12/2018
Updated: 4/15/2018 at 8:19 PM

All scores posted are not official until 90 minutes after the conclusion of the round or contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges after the final unit.

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No. Group Name Score Division
Independent A
   Round 1    
1Charles Towne Independent ( Charleston, South Carolina)91.190-
2Malachi Independent A ( Denver , Colorado)88.740-
3i-Squared ( Bakersfield, California)87.650-
4Jacksonville University Winterguard ( Jacksonville , Florida)82.610-
5Irondale HS ( New Brighton, Minnesota)82.480-
6Eagle Mountain Independent ( Saginaw, Texas)80.520-
7Southeast Visual Ensemble ( Pell City, Alabama)78.830-
8Stateline ( Bristol, Virginia)75.340-
9Legacy Winter Guard ( Hamilton Ontario Canada)71.140-
   Round 2    
1Black Gold A ( Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas)91.310-
2Georgia State University Winterguard ( Atlanta, Georgia)90.910-
3Gentoo ( Concord, North Carolina)84.380-
4Odin Winter Guard ( Hazel Park, Michigan)83.130-
5Carolina Visual Productions ( , North Carolina)82.150-
6FeniX Independent ( Tempe, Arizona)81.280-
7Unity Colorguard ( Gainesville, Florida)77.690-
8Penn State Eclipse ( University Park, Pennsylvania)74.970-
9Linden Wings ( Linden, Michigan)73.640-
10Incipient Winterguard ( Laurens, South Carolina)72.950-
   Round 3    
1Artistry IN BLUE ( Canton, Ohio)91.170-
2Reverie A ( Atlanta, Georgia)89.280-
3National Avenue ( Springfield, Missouri)87.630-
4Icon Winter Guard ( Granada Hills, California)84.270-
5Avant Guard ( Fayetteville, Arkansas)83.010-
6Purdue University Winter Guard ( West Lafayette, Indiana)82.010-
7Towson University Winter Guard ( Towson, Maryland)77.480-
8Lake Erie Regiment ( Erie, Pennsylvania)75.850-
9Shadow Winterguard ( Oregon, Wisconsin)69.630-
10ICT Independent ( Wichita, Kansas)0.000-
   Round 4    
1Pacificaires ( Surrey, B.C. Canada)92.090-
2Tampa Independent ( Tampa, Florida)86.690-
3Rhapsody ( Seattle, Washington)84.240-
4Florida State Winter Guard ( Tallahassee, Florida)83.290-
5River City Rhythm Winter Guard ( Anoka, Minnesota)80.280-
6Revolutionary WinterGuard ( Virginia Beach, Virginia)77.860-
7ATX Winterguard ( San marcos, Texas)76.950-
8Aria Independent ( St Clair Shores, Michigan)74.790-
9Perpetuum Winter Guard ( Naperville, Illinois)70.330-
10South Florida Independent ( , Florida)0.000-
   Round 5    
1Smithfield-Selma Independent ( Smithfield, North Carolina)91.010-
23rd Legend ( St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada)90.760-
3Anesidora ( Arvada, Colorado)89.210-
4Black Diamond Independent ( Harlan, Kentucky)82.440-
5Co-Motion WG ( Audubon, New Jersey)81.840-
6Arete Winterguard ( Bakersfield, California)77.480-
7Clemson Tiger Guard ( Clemson, South Carolina)77.220-
8Gates Chili Independent Winter Guard ( Gates Chili, New York)76.950-
9BriA Independent ( Arlington, Texas)76.200-
10Opal ( Los Angeles, California)74.680-
   Round 6    
1JMU Nuance Winterguard ( Harrisonburg, Virginia)90.840-
2Eklipse ( Nashville, Tennessee)89.540-
3SSJC-South Shore Jr. Cadets ( Chicago, Illinois)87.070-
4Ovation ( Southgate, Michigan)85.970-
5Pegasus A ( Orlando, Florida)85.280-
6Rangerettes ( Cleveland, Ohio)77.260-
7Allegiance A ( Dundee, Illinois)76.790-
8Divenire Winter Guard ( Birmingham, Alabama)76.750-
9Synchronicity Winter Guard ( Kansas City, Missouri)71.960-
10XY by Horizon ( Auburndale, Florida)0.000-