Bakersfield CG Prelims - Results

Show Date: 2/10/2018
Updated: 2/11/2018 at 6:25 AM

All scores posted are not official until 90 minutes after the conclusion of the round or contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges after the final unit.

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No. Group Name Score Division
Scholastic Regional A
1 Hanford HS (Hanford, California) 76.060I
2 Clovis West HS (Fresno, California) 64.490II
3 Merced HS JV (Merced, California) 62.930II
4 Ollivier Middle School (Bakersfield, California) 57.710III
5 Bullard HS A (Fresno, California) 49.190III
Independent Regional A
1 Rosedale I-Squared Black (Bakersfield, California) 46.140-
2 Rosedale I-Squared Blue (Bakersfield, California) 42.380-
    Score Division
Scholastic A
1 Damonte Ranch HS (Reno, Nevada) 73.530II
2 Ridgeview HS (Bakersfield, California) 73.230II
3 Clovis HS (Clovis, California) 71.990II
4 Lemoore HS (Lemoore, California) 71.910II
5 North High School Varsity (Bakersfield, California) 69.030II
6 West Ranch HS (Stevenson Ranch, California) 68.150II
7 Golden Valley HS (Merced, California) 66.400II
8 Liberty HS (Bakersfield, California) 65.240II
9 Dublin HS (Dublin, California) 62.910II
10 Bullard HS (Fresno, California) 60.440II
11 Sierra Pacific HS (Hanford, California) 59.460III
12 Golden Valley HS JV (Merced, California) 58.830III
13 Independence HS (Bakersfield) (Bakersfield, California) 57.840III
Independent A
1 i-Squared (Bakersfield, California) 65.520-
2 Paradigm Independent (Merced, California) 58.210-
    Score Division
Scholastic Open
1 Arvin HS (Arvin, California) 71.100II
2 Merced HS (Merced, California) 65.200II
3 Saratoga HS (Saratoga, California) 65.000II
4 El Capitan HS (Merced , California) 63.700II
5 Clovis West HS (Fresno, California) 56.700III
Independent Open
1 Frente (Fresno, California) 68.100-
2 Ethos Winterguard (Hanford, California) 53.400-