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Show Date : 2/2/2019
Updated : 2/1/2019 at 10:03 PM

Group Class Director Check In By BodyTransitEquipmentReadyPerform Load
James Madison HS JVSRA08:00 AM09:08 AM 09:15 AM 09:16 AM09:23 AM 09:30 AM09:37 AM
Judson HS JVSRA08:07 AM09:15 AM 09:22 AM 09:23 AM09:30 AM 09:37 AM09:44 AM
Ronald Reagan HS JVSRA08:14 AM09:22 AM 09:29 AM 09:30 AM09:37 AM 09:44 AM09:51 AM
Hidalgo Early College HS SRA08:21 AM09:29 AM 09:36 AM 09:37 AM09:44 AM 09:51 AM09:58 AM
John Marshall HSSRA08:28 AM09:36 AM 09:43 AM 09:44 AM09:51 AM 09:58 AM10:05 AM
Heights HSSRA08:35 AM09:43 AM 09:50 AM 09:51 AM09:58 AM 10:05 AM10:12 AM
Southwest HSSRA08:42 AM09:50 AM 09:57 AM 09:58 AM10:05 AM 10:12 AM10:19 AM
Eagle Pass HSSRA08:49 AM09:57 AM 10:04 AM 10:05 AM10:12 AM 10:19 AM10:26 AM
Georgetown HS JVSRA08:56 AM10:04 AM 10:11 AM 10:12 AM10:19 AM 10:26 AM10:33 AM
McCollum HSSRA09:03 AM10:11 AM 10:18 AM 10:19 AM10:26 AM 10:33 AM10:40 AM
Santa Rosa HSSRA09:10 AM10:18 AM 10:25 AM 10:26 AM10:33 AM 10:40 AM10:47 AM
Edinburg HSSRA09:17 AM10:25 AM 10:32 AM 10:33 AM10:40 AM 10:47 AM10:54 AM
Break 10:54 AM  
   Round 1  
Harlan HSSA09:40 AM10:45 AM10:53 AM10:54 AM11:02 AM 11:10 AM11:18 AM
Lee HSSA09:48 AM10:53 AM11:01 AM11:02 AM11:10 AM 11:18 AM11:26 AM
Canyon HSSA09:56 AM11:01 AM11:09 AM11:10 AM11:18 AM 11:26 AM11:34 AM
Friendswood HSSA10:04 AM11:09 AM11:17 AM11:18 AM11:26 AM 11:34 AM11:42 AM
Westlake HS (TX)SA10:12 AM11:17 AM11:25 AM11:26 AM11:34 AM 11:42 AM11:50 AM
William Howard Taft HS SA10:20 AM11:25 AM11:33 AM11:34 AM11:42 AM 11:50 AM11:58 AM
Pflugerville HSSA10:28 AM11:33 AM11:41 AM11:42 AM11:50 AM 11:58 AM12:06 PM
Smithson Valley HSSA10:36 AM11:41 AM11:49 AM11:50 AM11:58 AM 12:06 PM12:14 PM
Cedar Ridge HSSA10:44 AM11:49 AM11:57 AM11:58 AM12:06 PM 12:14 PM12:22 PM
Georgetown HSSA10:52 AM11:57 AM12:05 PM12:06 PM12:14 PM 12:22 PM12:30 PM
William J. Brennan HSSA11:00 AM12:05 PM12:13 PM12:14 PM12:22 PM 12:30 PM12:38 PM
Lunch 12:38 PM  
   Round 2  
James Madison HSSA12:00 PM01:05 PM01:13 PM01:14 PM01:22 PM 01:30 PM01:38 PM
Robert Vela HSSA12:08 PM01:13 PM01:21 PM01:22 PM01:30 PM 01:38 PM01:46 PM
John Paul Stevens HSSA12:16 PM01:21 PM01:29 PM01:30 PM01:38 PM 01:46 PM01:54 PM
Lehman HSSA12:24 PM01:29 PM01:37 PM01:38 PM01:46 PM 01:54 PM02:02 PM
New Braunfels HSSA12:32 PM01:37 PM01:45 PM01:46 PM01:54 PM 02:02 PM02:10 PM
Winston Churchill HSSA12:40 PM01:45 PM01:53 PM01:54 PM02:02 PM 02:10 PM02:18 PM
Lake Travis HSSA12:48 PM01:53 PM02:01 PM02:02 PM02:10 PM 02:18 PM02:26 PM
Belton HSSA12:56 PM02:01 PM02:09 PM02:10 PM02:18 PM 02:26 PM02:34 PM
Westlake HS (LA)SA01:04 PM02:09 PM02:17 PM02:18 PM02:26 PM 02:34 PM02:42 PM
Judson HSSA01:12 PM02:17 PM02:25 PM02:26 PM02:34 PM 02:42 PM02:50 PM
Pioneer HSSA01:20 PM02:25 PM02:33 PM02:34 PM02:42 PM 02:50 PM02:58 PM
Break 02:58 PM  
Hendrickson HSSO01:45 PM02:47 PM 02:56 PM 02:57 PM03:06 PM 03:15 PM03:24 PM
Ronald Reagan HSSO01:54 PM02:56 PM 03:05 PM 03:06 PM03:15 PM 03:24 PM03:33 PM
Cedar Park HSSO02:03 PM03:05 PM 03:14 PM 03:15 PM03:24 PM 03:33 PM03:42 PM
Leander HSSO02:12 PM03:14 PM 03:23 PM 03:24 PM03:33 PM 03:42 PM03:51 PM
Earl Warren HSSO02:21 PM03:23 PM 03:32 PM 03:33 PM03:42 PM 03:51 PM04:00 PM
McNeil HSSO02:30 PM03:32 PM 03:41 PM 03:42 PM03:51 PM 04:00 PM04:09 PM
ORIGINSIO02:39 PM03:41 PM 03:50 PM 03:51 PM04:00 PM 04:09 PM04:18 PM
Spirit Independent from The University of HoustonIO02:48 PM03:50 PM 03:59 PM 04:00 PM04:09 PM 04:18 PM04:27 PM
Break 04:27 PM  
Claudia Taylor Johnson HSSW03:05 PM04:04 PM 04:14 PM 04:15 PM04:25 PM 04:35 PM04:45 PM
Invictus IW03:15 PM04:14 PM 04:24 PM 04:25 PM04:35 PM 04:45 PM04:55 PM
End Time 04:55 PM