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Show Date : 3/16/2019
Updated : 3/11/2019 at 3:04 PM

Group Class Director Check In By BodyTransitEquipmentReadyPerform Load
   Round 1  
Powhatan HSSA08:30 AM09:34 AM09:42 AM09:44 AM09:52 AM 10:00 AM10:08 AM
North Lincoln HSSA08:38 AM09:42 AM09:50 AM09:52 AM10:00 AM 10:08 AM10:16 AM
York Comprehensive HSSA08:46 AM09:50 AM09:58 AM10:00 AM10:08 AM 10:16 AM10:24 AM
Byrnes HS - ASA08:54 AM09:58 AM10:06 AM10:08 AM10:16 AM 10:24 AM10:32 AM
Mauldin HSSA09:02 AM10:06 AM10:14 AM10:16 AM10:24 AM 10:32 AM10:40 AM
Panther Creek HSSA09:10 AM10:14 AM10:22 AM10:24 AM10:32 AM 10:40 AM10:48 AM
Alpharetta HSSA09:18 AM10:22 AM10:30 AM10:32 AM10:40 AM 10:48 AM10:56 AM
Ardrey Kell HSSA09:26 AM10:30 AM10:38 AM10:40 AM10:48 AM 10:56 AM11:04 AM
Lambert HSSA09:34 AM10:38 AM10:46 AM10:48 AM10:56 AM 11:04 AM11:12 AM
River Bluff HSSA09:42 AM10:46 AM10:54 AM10:56 AM11:04 AM 11:12 AM11:20 AM
Northwest Cabarrus HSSA09:50 AM10:54 AM11:02 AM11:04 AM11:12 AM 11:20 AM11:28 AM
Clover HSSA09:58 AM11:02 AM11:10 AM11:12 AM11:20 AM 11:28 AM11:36 AM
Break 11:36 AM  
   Round 2  
Gaffney HSSA10:25 AM11:29 AM11:37 AM11:39 AM11:47 AM 11:55 AM12:03 PM
Corinth Holders HSSA10:33 AM11:37 AM11:45 AM11:47 AM11:55 AM 12:03 PM12:11 PM
Easley HSSA10:41 AM11:45 AM11:53 AM11:55 AM12:03 PM 12:11 PM12:19 PM
Nation Ford HSSA10:49 AM11:53 AM12:01 PM12:03 PM12:11 PM 12:19 PM12:27 PM
Central Cabarrus HS VarsitySA10:57 AM12:01 PM12:09 PM12:11 PM12:19 PM 12:27 PM12:35 PM
East Lincoln HSSA11:05 AM12:09 PM12:17 PM12:19 PM12:27 PM 12:35 PM12:43 PM
White Knoll HSSA11:13 AM12:17 PM12:25 PM12:27 PM12:35 PM 12:43 PM12:51 PM
Alpharetta HS JVSA11:21 AM12:25 PM12:33 PM12:35 PM12:43 PM 12:51 PM12:59 PM
Grassfield HSSA11:29 AM12:33 PM12:41 PM12:43 PM12:51 PM 12:59 PM01:07 PM
Dobyns-Bennett HSSA11:37 AM12:41 PM12:49 PM12:51 PM12:59 PM 01:07 PM01:15 PM
Lanier HSSA11:45 AM12:49 PM12:57 PM12:59 PM01:07 PM 01:15 PM01:23 PM
Dorman HSSA11:53 AM12:57 PM01:05 PM01:07 PM01:15 PM 01:23 PM01:31 PM
Lunch 01:31 PM  
   Round 3  
Carrollton HSSA12:55 PM01:59 PM02:07 PM02:09 PM02:17 PM 02:25 PM02:33 PM
Ashley Ridge HS SA01:03 PM02:07 PM02:15 PM02:17 PM02:25 PM 02:33 PM02:41 PM
Lugoff-Elgin HSSA01:11 PM02:15 PM02:23 PM02:25 PM02:33 PM 02:41 PM02:49 PM
Hickory HSSA01:19 PM02:23 PM02:31 PM02:33 PM02:41 PM 02:49 PM02:57 PM
Providence HSSA01:27 PM02:31 PM02:39 PM02:41 PM02:49 PM 02:57 PM03:05 PM
Ola HS SA01:35 PM02:39 PM02:47 PM02:49 PM02:57 PM 03:05 PM03:13 PM
Northwest Guilford HSSA01:43 PM02:47 PM02:55 PM02:57 PM03:05 PM 03:13 PM03:21 PM
Pope HSSA01:51 PM02:55 PM03:03 PM03:05 PM03:13 PM 03:21 PM03:29 PM
Mount Pleasant HSSA01:59 PM03:03 PM03:11 PM03:13 PM03:21 PM 03:29 PM03:37 PM
Holly Springs HSSA02:07 PM03:11 PM03:19 PM03:21 PM03:29 PM 03:37 PM03:45 PM
Fort Mill HS SA02:15 PM03:19 PM03:27 PM03:29 PM03:37 PM 03:45 PM03:53 PM
Class Break 03:53 PM  
Pride of the Mountains WinterguardIA02:30 PM03:34 PM 03:42 PM 03:44 PM03:52 PM 04:00 PM04:08 PM
Absolute WinterguardIA02:38 PM03:42 PM 03:50 PM 03:52 PM04:00 PM 04:08 PM04:16 PM
Incipient WinterguardIA02:46 PM03:50 PM 03:58 PM 04:00 PM04:08 PM 04:16 PM04:24 PM
VerveIA02:54 PM03:58 PM 04:06 PM 04:08 PM04:16 PM 04:24 PM04:32 PM
Reverie AIA03:02 PM04:06 PM 04:14 PM 04:16 PM04:24 PM 04:32 PM04:40 PM
Divenire Winter GuardIA03:10 PM04:14 PM 04:22 PM 04:24 PM04:32 PM 04:40 PM04:48 PM
Metanoia Winter GuardIA03:18 PM04:22 PM 04:30 PM 04:32 PM04:40 PM 04:48 PM04:56 PM
Break 04:56 PM  
Summerville HSSO03:40 PM04:41 PM 04:50 PM 04:52 PM05:01 PM 05:10 PM05:19 PM
Green Hope HSSO03:49 PM04:50 PM 04:59 PM 05:01 PM05:10 PM 05:19 PM05:28 PM
East Coweta HSSO03:58 PM04:59 PM 05:08 PM 05:10 PM05:19 PM 05:28 PM05:37 PM
Byrnes HSSO04:07 PM05:08 PM 05:17 PM 05:19 PM05:28 PM 05:37 PM05:46 PM
Marvin Ridge HSSO04:16 PM05:17 PM 05:26 PM 05:28 PM05:37 PM 05:46 PM05:55 PM
Cleveland HS (NC)SO04:25 PM05:26 PM 05:35 PM 05:37 PM05:46 PM 05:55 PM06:04 PM
Dinner 06:04 PM  
Paramount Open WinterguardIO05:15 PM06:16 PM 06:25 PM 06:27 PM06:36 PM 06:45 PM06:54 PM
Legacy presented by Carolina GoldIO05:24 PM06:25 PM 06:34 PM 06:36 PM06:45 PM 06:54 PM07:03 PM
JSU Center Stage Performance EnsembleIO05:33 PM06:34 PM 06:43 PM 06:45 PM06:54 PM 07:03 PM07:12 PM
Georgia State University WinterguardIO05:42 PM06:43 PM 06:52 PM 06:54 PM07:03 PM 07:12 PM07:21 PM
The District Independent Presented by EtudeIO05:51 PM06:52 PM 07:01 PM 07:03 PM07:12 PM 07:21 PM07:30 PM
Charles Towne IndependentIO06:00 PM07:01 PM 07:10 PM 07:12 PM07:21 PM 07:30 PM07:39 PM
JMU Nuance OpenIO06:09 PM07:10 PM 07:19 PM 07:21 PM07:30 PM 07:39 PM07:48 PM
Class Break 07:48 PM  
EtudeIW06:25 PM07:23 PM 07:33 PM 07:35 PM07:45 PM 07:55 PM08:05 PM
First FlightIW06:35 PM07:33 PM 07:43 PM 07:45 PM07:55 PM 08:05 PM08:15 PM
ParamountIW06:45 PM07:43 PM 07:53 PM 07:55 PM08:05 PM 08:15 PM08:25 PM
End Time 08:25 PM