West Perc PSA Semi Finals Los Osos HS Print as PDF

Show Date : 3/21/2020
Updated : 2/28/2020 at 8:12 PM

GroupClassDirector Check In ByTransitWarm UpWarm Up
TransitReadyPerform Load
PSA04:00 PM04:23 PM04:28 PMA04:46 PM04:51 PM05:00 PM 05:09 PM
PSA04:09 PM04:32 PM04:37 PMB04:55 PM05:00 PM05:09 PM 05:18 PM
PSA04:18 PM04:41 PM04:46 PMA05:04 PM05:09 PM05:18 PM 05:27 PM
PSA04:27 PM04:50 PM04:55 PMB05:13 PM05:18 PM05:27 PM 05:36 PM
PSA04:36 PM04:59 PM05:04 PMA05:22 PM05:27 PM05:36 PM 05:45 PM
PSA04:45 PM05:08 PM05:13 PMB05:31 PM05:36 PM05:45 PM 05:54 PM
PSA04:54 PM05:17 PM05:22 PMA05:40 PM05:45 PM05:54 PM 06:03 PM
PSA05:03 PM05:26 PM05:31 PMB05:49 PM05:54 PM06:03 PM 06:12 PM
PSA05:12 PM05:35 PM05:40 PMA05:58 PM06:03 PM06:12 PM 06:21 PM
PSA05:21 PM05:44 PM05:49 PMB06:07 PM06:12 PM06:21 PM 06:30 PM
End Time 06:30 PM
Notes:The A/B warm up format is in the event of inclement weather only.