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Show Date : 3/18/2018
Updated : 3/18/2018 at 3:26 PM

GroupClassDirector Check In ByWarm UpWarm Up
TransitReadyPerform Load
Long Beach HS PSA09:00 AM09:23 AMA09:41 AM09:51 AM10:00 AM 10:09 AM
Hancock HS PSA09:09 AM09:32 AMB09:50 AM10:00 AM10:09 AM 10:18 AM
Vandebilt Catholic HS PSA09:18 AM09:41 AMA09:59 AM10:09 AM10:18 AM 10:27 AM
West Harrison HS PSA09:27 AM09:50 AMB10:08 AM10:18 AM10:27 AM 10:36 AM
Acadiana HS PSA09:36 AM09:59 AMA10:17 AM10:27 AM10:36 AM 10:45 AM
Gulf Breeze HS PSA09:45 AM10:08 AMB10:26 AM10:36 AM10:45 AM 10:54 AM
Break 10:54 AM  
Fort Walton Beach HS PSA10:06 AM10:29 AMA10:47 AM10:57 AM11:06 AM 11:15 AM
Brandon HS PSA10:15 AM10:38 AMB10:56 AM11:06 AM11:15 AM 11:24 AM
Warren Central HS PSA10:24 AM10:47 AMA11:05 AM11:15 AM11:24 AM 11:33 AM
Southaven HS PSA10:33 AM10:56 AMB11:14 AM11:24 AM11:33 AM 11:42 AM
Pace HS PSA10:42 AM11:05 AMA11:23 AM11:33 AM11:42 AM 11:51 AM
Southwest Independent Percussion PIA10:51 AM11:14 AMB11:32 AM11:42 AM11:51 AM 12:00 PM
Gulfport HS PSCA11:00 AM11:23 AMA11:41 AM11:51 AM12:00 PM 12:09 PM
Lunch 12:09 PM 
Warren East High and Middle School PSCO12:01 PM12:21 PMB12:41 PM12:51 PM01:01 PM 01:11 PM
Biloxi HS PSCO12:11 PM12:31 PMA12:51 PM01:01 PM01:11 PM 01:21 PM
Class Break 01:21 PM  
Muscle Shoals HS PSCW12:26 PM12:43 PMB01:05 PM01:15 PM01:26 PM 01:37 PM
Clinton HS PSO12:37 PM12:57 PMA01:17 PM01:27 PM01:37 PM 01:47 PM
Escambia HS PSO12:47 PM01:07 PMB01:27 PM01:37 PM01:47 PM 01:57 PM
Central Lafourche HS PSO12:57 PM01:17 PMA01:37 PM01:47 PM01:57 PM 02:07 PM
Oak Grove HS (MS) PSO01:07 PM01:27 PMB01:47 PM01:57 PM02:07 PM 02:17 PM
E.D. White HS PSO01:17 PM01:37 PMA01:57 PM02:07 PM02:17 PM 02:27 PM
Sparkman HS PSO01:27 PM01:47 PMB02:07 PM02:17 PM02:27 PM 02:37 PM
Break 02:37 PM 
Audio Theater PIO01:52 PM02:12 PMA02:32 PM02:42 PM02:52 PM 03:02 PM
Elite Independent Percussion PIO02:02 PM02:22 PMB02:42 PM02:52 PM03:02 PM 03:12 PM
Infinity 2 PIO02:12 PM02:32 PMA02:52 PM03:02 PM03:12 PM 03:22 PM
Class Break 03:22 PM 
Petal HS PSW02:26 PM02:43 PMB03:05 PM03:15 PM03:26 PM 03:37 PM
STRYKE Percussion PIW02:37 PM02:54 PMA03:16 PM03:26 PM03:37 PM 03:48 PM
Infinity PIW02:48 PM03:05 PMB03:27 PM03:37 PM03:48 PM 03:59 PM
End Time 03:59 PM

Captains only retreat to follow final performance.