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Show Date : 3/17/2018
Updated : 3/7/2018 at 5:17 PM

GroupClassDirector Check In ByWarm UpWarm Up
ReadyPerform Load
Liverpool HS PSA10:09 AM10:42 AMA11:00 AM11:09 AM 11:18 AM
Columbia HS PSA10:18 AM10:51 AMB11:09 AM11:18 AM 11:27 AM
Williamstown HS PSA10:27 AM11:00 AMA11:18 AM11:27 AM 11:36 AM
Eastern Regional HS PSA10:36 AM11:09 AMB11:27 AM11:36 AM 11:45 AM
Upper Darby HS PSA10:45 AM11:18 AMA11:36 AM11:45 AM 11:54 AM
Hempfield HS PSA10:54 AM11:27 AMB11:45 AM11:54 AM 12:03 PM
Bergenfield HS PSA11:03 AM11:36 AMA11:54 AM12:03 PM 12:12 PM
Cranston HS East PSA11:12 AM11:45 AMB12:03 PM12:12 PM 12:21 PM
Penncrest HS PSA11:21 AM11:54 AMA12:12 PM12:21 PM 12:30 PM
Hatboro-Horsham HS PSA11:30 AM12:03 PMB12:21 PM12:30 PM 12:39 PM
Break 12:39 PM  
Methacton HS PSA11:55 AM12:28 PMA12:46 PM12:55 PM 01:04 PM
Westhill HS PSA12:04 PM12:37 PMB12:55 PM01:04 PM 01:13 PM
East Pennsboro HS PSA12:13 PM12:46 PMA01:04 PM01:13 PM 01:22 PM
Southern Regional HS PSA12:22 PM12:55 PMB01:13 PM01:22 PM 01:31 PM
Unionville HS PSA12:31 PM01:04 PMA01:22 PM01:31 PM 01:40 PM
Thomas Jefferson HS PSA12:40 PM01:13 PMB01:31 PM01:40 PM 01:49 PM
East Coast Percussion PIA12:49 PM01:22 PMA01:40 PM01:49 PM 01:58 PM
Tar River Independent Percussion PIA12:58 PM01:31 PMB01:49 PM01:58 PM 02:07 PM
Aftermath Percussion PIA01:07 PM01:40 PMA01:58 PM02:07 PM 02:16 PM
Fike HS PSCA01:16 PM01:49 PMB02:07 PM02:16 PM 02:25 PM
Class Break 02:25 PM 
Rahway HS PSCO01:29 PM01:59 PMA02:19 PM02:29 PM 02:39 PM
Break 02:39 PM 
Downingtown Area School District PSO01:54 PM02:24 PMB02:44 PM02:54 PM 03:04 PM
Old Bridge HS PSO02:04 PM02:34 PMA02:54 PM03:04 PM 03:14 PM
Perkiomen Valley HS PSO02:14 PM02:44 PMB03:04 PM03:14 PM 03:24 PM
Norwalk HS PSO02:24 PM02:54 PMA03:14 PM03:24 PM 03:34 PM
Trumbull HS PSO02:34 PM03:04 PMB03:24 PM03:34 PM 03:44 PM
Cab Calloway HS PSO02:44 PM03:14 PMA03:34 PM03:44 PM 03:54 PM
Fair Lawn HS PSO02:54 PM03:24 PMB03:44 PM03:54 PM 04:04 PM
Imperial Dynasty PIO03:04 PM03:34 PMA03:54 PM04:04 PM 04:14 PM
Spirit Winter Percussion PIO03:14 PM03:44 PMB04:04 PM04:14 PM 04:24 PM
Class Break 04:24 PM 
George Mason University PIW03:28 PM03:55 PMA04:17 PM04:28 PM 04:39 PM
United Percussion PIW03:39 PM04:06 PMB04:28 PM04:39 PM 04:50 PM
End Time 04:50 PM

Panel 1 critique to begin at 3:30 PM. Panel 2 critique to begin at 5:30 PM.