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Show Date : 2/22/2020
Updated : 1/31/2020 at 5:15 PM

GroupClassDirector Check In ByWarm UpWarm Up
ReadyPerform Load
Arlington HSSRA08:30 AM09:39 AMA09:53 AM10:00 AM 10:07 AM
Bryant HSSRA08:37 AM09:46 AMB10:00 AM10:07 AM 10:14 AM
Liberty North HSSRA08:44 AM09:53 AMA10:07 AM10:14 AM 10:21 AM
Fort Zumwalt West HSSRA08:51 AM10:00 AMB10:14 AM10:21 AM 10:28 AM
Class Break 10:28 AM 
   Round 1  
Wentzville Holt HS VarsitySA09:05 AM10:11 AMA10:27 AM 10:35 AM10:43 AM
Blue Springs South HS JVSA09:13 AM10:19 AMB10:35 AM 10:43 AM10:51 AM
Francis Howell HSSA09:21 AM10:27 AMA10:43 AM 10:51 AM10:59 AM
Blue Valley Combined SchoolsSA09:29 AM10:35 AMB10:51 AM 10:59 AM11:07 AM
Willard HSSA09:37 AM10:43 AMA10:59 AM 11:07 AM11:15 AM
Lafayette HSSA09:45 AM10:51 AMB11:07 AM 11:15 AM11:23 AM
Union HSSA09:53 AM10:59 AMA11:15 AM 11:23 AM11:31 AM
Nixa HSSA10:01 AM11:07 AMB11:23 AM 11:31 AM11:39 AM
Blue Springs HS VarsitySA10:09 AM11:15 AMA11:31 AM 11:39 AM11:47 AM
Oakville HSSA10:17 AM11:23 AMB11:39 AM 11:47 AM11:55 AM
Lunch 11:55 AM  
   Round 2  
Edwardsville HSSA11:15 AM12:21 PMA12:37 PM 12:45 PM12:53 PM
Francis Howell North HSSA11:23 AM12:29 PMB12:45 PM 12:53 PM01:01 PM
Camdenton HSSA11:31 AM12:37 PMA12:53 PM 01:01 PM01:09 PM
Washington HSSA11:39 AM12:45 PMB01:01 PM 01:09 PM01:17 PM
Rockwood Summit HSSA11:47 AM12:53 PMA01:09 PM 01:17 PM01:25 PM
Fort Zumwalt West HSSA11:55 AM01:01 PMB01:17 PM 01:25 PM01:33 PM
Blue Springs South HS VarsitySA12:03 PM01:09 PMA01:25 PM 01:33 PM01:41 PM
Fayetteville HS VarsitySA12:11 PM01:17 PMB01:33 PM 01:41 PM01:49 PM
Blue Springs HS JVSA12:19 PM01:25 PMA01:41 PM 01:49 PM01:57 PM
Union HS JVSA12:27 PM01:33 PMB01:49 PM 01:57 PM02:05 PM
Marquette HSSA12:35 PM01:41 PMA01:57 PM 02:05 PM02:13 PM
Break 02:13 PM 
The University of Memphis Winter GuardIA01:00 PM02:06 PMB02:22 PM02:30 PM 02:38 PM
Memorial IndependentIA01:08 PM02:14 PMA02:30 PM02:38 PM 02:46 PM
Railmen Winter GuardIA01:16 PM02:22 PMB02:38 PM02:46 PM 02:54 PM
Spintronix Indoor GuardIA01:24 PM02:30 PMA02:46 PM02:54 PM 03:02 PM
Ionic Independent Winter GuardIA01:32 PM02:38 PMB02:54 PM03:02 PM 03:10 PM
901 Performance Ensemble from Missouri StateIA01:40 PM02:46 PMA03:02 PM03:10 PM 03:18 PM
National Avenue from Missouri State UniversityIA01:48 PM02:54 PMB03:10 PM03:18 PM 03:26 PM
City of Fountains IndependentIA01:56 PM03:02 PMA03:18 PM03:26 PM 03:34 PM
Break 03:34 PM 
Kickapoo HS - EmulationSO02:20 PM03:23 PMB03:41 PM03:50 PM 03:59 PM
The Pride of Missouri StateIO02:29 PM03:32 PMA03:50 PM03:59 PM 04:08 PM
La Voute Performance EnsembleIO02:38 PM03:41 PMB03:59 PM04:08 PM 04:17 PM
Class Break 04:17 PM 
Northwest IndependentIW02:50 PM03:50 PMA04:10 PM04:20 PM 04:30 PM
End Time 04:30 PM