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Show Date : 3/18/2018
Updated : 3/18/2018 at 1:27 AM

GroupClassDirector Check In ByWarm UpWarm Up
TransitReadyPerform Load
Penn Trafford HS SA08:00 AM08:26 AMA08:42 AM08:52 AM09:00 AM 09:08 AM
Abington HS SA08:08 AM08:34 AMB08:50 AM09:00 AM09:08 AM 09:16 AM
East Syracuse Minoa Central HS SA08:16 AM08:42 AMA08:58 AM09:08 AM09:16 AM 09:24 AM
Bethel HS SA08:24 AM08:50 AMB09:06 AM09:16 AM09:24 AM 09:32 AM
Unionville HS SA08:32 AM08:58 AMA09:14 AM09:24 AM09:32 AM 09:40 AM
Mohonasen HS SA08:40 AM09:06 AMB09:22 AM09:32 AM09:40 AM 09:48 AM
Shenendehowa HS - A SA08:48 AM09:14 AMA09:30 AM09:40 AM09:48 AM 09:56 AM
Urbana HS SA08:56 AM09:22 AMB09:38 AM09:48 AM09:56 AM 10:04 AM
Council Rock HS South SA09:04 AM09:30 AMA09:46 AM09:56 AM10:04 AM 10:12 AM
Liverpool HS SA09:12 AM09:38 AMB09:54 AM10:04 AM10:12 AM 10:20 AM
Central Square HS SA09:20 AM09:46 AMA10:02 AM10:12 AM10:20 AM 10:28 AM
Cumberland Valley HS SA09:28 AM09:54 AMB10:10 AM10:20 AM10:28 AM 10:36 AM
Southern Regional HS SA09:36 AM10:02 AMA10:18 AM10:28 AM10:36 AM 10:44 AM
Break 10:44 AM 
Ventures A IA10:00 AM10:26 AMB10:42 AM10:52 AM11:00 AM 11:08 AM
Co-Motion WG IA10:08 AM10:34 AMA10:50 AM11:00 AM11:08 AM 11:16 AM
AMP IA10:16 AM10:42 AMB10:58 AM11:08 AM11:16 AM 11:24 AM
3rd Legend IA10:24 AM10:50 AMA11:06 AM11:16 AM11:24 AM 11:32 AM
Break 11:32 AM 
Arlington HS SO10:45 AM11:08 AMB11:26 AM11:36 AM11:45 AM 11:54 AM
Phoenix HS SO10:54 AM11:17 AMA11:35 AM11:45 AM11:54 AM 12:03 PM
Norwalk HS SO11:03 AM11:26 AMB11:44 AM11:54 AM12:03 PM 12:12 PM
Victor HS SO11:12 AM11:35 AMA11:53 AM12:03 PM12:12 PM 12:21 PM
Dartmouth HS SO11:21 AM11:44 AMB12:02 PM12:12 PM12:21 PM 12:30 PM
West Shore School District SO11:30 AM11:53 AMA12:11 PM12:21 PM12:30 PM 12:39 PM
South Brunswick HS SO11:39 AM12:02 PMB12:20 PM12:30 PM12:39 PM 12:48 PM
Lunch 12:48 PM 
Delazure IO12:35 PM12:58 PMA01:16 PM01:26 PM01:35 PM 01:44 PM
Sacred Heart University Winter Guard IO12:44 PM01:07 PMB01:25 PM01:35 PM01:44 PM 01:53 PM
Q IO12:53 PM01:16 PMA01:34 PM01:44 PM01:53 PM 02:02 PM
Emanon Open IO01:02 PM01:25 PMB01:43 PM01:53 PM02:02 PM 02:11 PM
Pennsauken Independent IO01:11 PM01:34 PMA01:52 PM02:02 PM02:11 PM 02:20 PM
Salem Blue IO01:20 PM01:43 PMB02:01 PM02:11 PM02:20 PM 02:29 PM
Les Eclipses IO01:29 PM01:52 PMA02:10 PM02:20 PM02:29 PM 02:38 PM
George Mason University Winterguard IO01:38 PM02:01 PMB02:19 PM02:29 PM02:38 PM 02:47 PM
The Brigadiers IO01:47 PM02:10 PMA02:28 PM02:38 PM02:47 PM 02:56 PM
Break 02:56 PM 
North Syracuse Central HS SW02:10 PM02:30 PMB02:50 PM03:00 PM03:10 PM 03:20 PM
Somerville HS SW02:20 PM02:40 PMA03:00 PM03:10 PM03:20 PM 03:30 PM
Shenendehowa HS SW02:30 PM02:50 PMB03:10 PM03:20 PM03:30 PM 03:40 PM
Trumbull HS SW02:40 PM03:00 PMA03:20 PM03:30 PM03:40 PM 03:50 PM
Emanon IW02:50 PM03:10 PMB03:30 PM03:40 PM03:50 PM 04:00 PM
Field of View IW03:00 PM03:20 PMA03:40 PM03:50 PM04:00 PM 04:10 PM
Black Watch IW03:10 PM03:30 PMB03:50 PM04:00 PM04:10 PM 04:20 PM
Fusion Winter Guard IW03:20 PM03:40 PMA04:00 PM04:10 PM04:20 PM 04:30 PM
Alter Ego IW03:30 PM03:50 PMB04:10 PM04:20 PM04:30 PM 04:40 PM
AMP Winter Guard IW03:40 PM04:00 PMA04:20 PM04:30 PM04:40 PM 04:50 PM
Blessed Sacrament IW03:50 PM04:10 PMB04:30 PM04:40 PM04:50 PM 05:00 PM
End Time 05:00 PM