West Perc Prelims Grand Terrace Print as PDF

Show Date : 3/23/2019
Updated : 3/22/2019 at 9:16 AM

Group ClassCheck In ByReadyPerform Load
Savanna HSPSCA07:51 AM08:51 AM09:00 AM 09:09 AM
Class Change 09:09 AM 
West Ranch HSPSCO08:02 AM09:02 AM09:12 AM 09:22 AM
Chaffey HSPSCO08:12 AM09:12 AM09:22 AM 09:32 AM
Notre Dame HSPSCO08:22 AM09:22 AM09:32 AM 09:42 AM
William Workman HSPSCO08:32 AM09:32 AM09:42 AM 09:52 AM
Corona del Sol HSPSCO08:42 AM09:42 AM09:52 AM 10:02 AM
Class Change 10:02 AM 
Woodbridge HSPSCW08:54 AM09:54 AM10:05 AM 10:16 AM
Ayala HSPSCW09:05 AM10:05 AM10:16 AM 10:27 AM
Rowland HSPSCW09:16 AM10:16 AM10:27 AM 10:38 AM
Break 10:38 AM 
Gilbert HSPSA09:42 AM10:42 AM10:51 AM 11:00 AM
Martin Luther King HSPSA09:51 AM10:51 AM11:00 AM 11:09 AM
Ironwood Ridge HSPSA10:00 AM11:00 AM11:09 AM 11:18 AM
Pleasant Grove HSPSA10:09 AM11:09 AM11:18 AM 11:27 AM
Enochs HSPSA10:18 AM11:18 AM11:27 AM 11:36 AM
Perry HSPSA10:27 AM11:27 AM11:36 AM 11:45 AM
Ridgeview HSPSA10:36 AM11:36 AM11:45 AM 11:54 AM
Arbor View HSPSA10:45 AM11:45 AM11:54 AM 12:03 PM
Valhalla HSPSA10:54 AM11:54 AM12:03 PM 12:12 PM
Lunch 12:12 PM  
Torrance HSPSA11:51 AM12:51 PM01:00 PM 01:09 PM
Lemoore HSPSA12:00 PM01:00 PM01:09 PM 01:18 PM
Merced HSPSA12:09 PM01:09 PM01:18 PM 01:27 PM
Cornerstone PercussionPIA12:18 PM01:18 PM01:27 PM 01:36 PM
Vegas VanguardPIA12:27 PM01:27 PM01:36 PM 01:45 PM
Pasadena City CollegePIA12:36 PM01:36 PM01:45 PM 01:54 PM
Pinnacle PercussionPIA12:45 PM01:45 PM01:54 PM 02:03 PM
North Star IndependentPIA12:54 PM01:54 PM02:03 PM 02:12 PM
End Time  02:12 PM

Critique to begin at 3:00 PM. Open Area Warm Ups will be held in designated areas, see map in contest information packet. Please have a representative of your group check in by designated time.