West Perc Concert Finals CSUSB Print as PDF

Show Date : 3/21/2020
Updated : 2/28/2020 at 6:11 PM

Group ClassArrive to lot HUnload/Transit to Warm upAlpha Lot Warm Up BeginsAlpha LotTransit to TunnelReadyPerform Load
PSCO05:35 PM05:45 PM06:25 PMI07:25 PM07:35 PM07:45 PM 07:55 PM
PSCO05:45 PM05:55 PM06:35 PMD07:35 PM07:45 PM07:55 PM 08:05 PM
Class Break 08:05 PM 
PSCW05:57 PM06:07 PM06:47 PMB07:47 PM07:57 PM08:08 PM 08:19 PM
PSCW06:08 PM06:18 PM06:58 PMG07:58 PM08:08 PM08:19 PM 08:30 PM
PSCW06:19 PM06:29 PM07:09 PME08:09 PM08:19 PM08:30 PM 08:41 PM
End Time  08:41 PM
Notes:Captains only retreat after final performance.