Mid East Winds Finals − BB&T Arena at Nothern Kentucky University Print as PDF

Show Date : 3/21/2020
Updated : 2/28/2020 at 2:51 PM

Group ClassArrive/UnloadAlpha Warm Up Lot BeginsAlpha LotTransit to Tent Warm UpTent Warm Up BeginsTent Warm Up AreaTransit to Loading DockReadyPerform Load
WIA05:01 PM05:41 PMJ06:14 PM06:23 PMA06:41 PM06:51 PM07:00 PM 07:09 PM
WIA05:10 PM05:50 PMA06:23 PM06:32 PMB06:50 PM07:00 PM07:09 PM 07:18 PM
Class Break 07:18 PM 
WSO05:21 PM06:01 PMI06:31 PM06:41 PMA07:01 PM07:11 PM07:21 PM 07:31 PM
WSO05:31 PM06:11 PMG06:41 PM06:51 PMB07:11 PM07:21 PM07:31 PM 07:41 PM
WIO05:41 PM06:21 PME06:51 PM07:01 PMA07:21 PM07:31 PM07:41 PM 07:51 PM
WIO05:51 PM06:31 PMK07:01 PM07:11 PMB07:31 PM07:41 PM07:51 PM 08:01 PM
Class Break 08:01 PM 
WIW06:03 PM06:43 PMD07:10 PM07:21 PMA07:43 PM07:53 PM08:04 PM 08:15 PM
End Time  08:15 PM
Notes:Captains only retreat to follow final performance.