Mid East Perc Prelims − BB&T Arena at Nothern Kentucky University Print as PDF

Show Date : 3/21/2020
Updated : 2/28/2020 at 2:46 PM

Group ClassArrive/UnloadAlhpa Warm Up Lot BeginsAlpha LotTransit to Tent Warm UpTent Warm Up BeginsTent Warm Up AreaTransit to Loading DockReadyPerform Load
Daviess County HSPSA10:21 AM11:01 AMA11:34 AM11:43 AMA12:01 PM12:11 PM12:20 PM 12:29 PM
Forest Hills Combined SchoolsPSA10:30 AM11:10 AMI11:43 AM11:52 AMB12:10 PM12:20 PM12:29 PM 12:38 PM
Seymour HSPSA10:39 AM11:19 AMG11:52 AM12:01 PMA12:19 PM12:29 PM12:38 PM 12:47 PM
Kings HSPSA10:48 AM11:28 AME12:01 PM12:10 PMB12:28 PM12:38 PM12:47 PM 12:56 PM
Kettering Fairmont HSPSA10:57 AM11:37 AMK12:10 PM12:19 PMA12:37 PM12:47 PM12:56 PM 01:05 PM
Olentangy Liberty HSPSA11:06 AM11:46 AMD12:19 PM12:28 PMB12:46 PM12:56 PM01:05 PM 01:14 PM
Milford HS (OH)PSA11:15 AM11:55 AML12:28 PM12:37 PMA12:55 PM01:05 PM01:14 PM 01:23 PM
Beavercreek HSPSA11:24 AM12:04 PMB12:37 PM12:46 PMB01:04 PM01:14 PM01:23 PM 01:32 PM
Dorman HSPSA11:33 AM12:13 PMF12:46 PM12:55 PMA01:13 PM01:23 PM01:32 PM 01:41 PM
Break 01:41 PM 
Thomas Worthington HSPIA11:56 AM12:36 PMH01:09 PM01:18 PMB01:36 PM01:46 PM01:55 PM 02:04 PM
Station Camp IndependentPIA12:05 PM12:45 PMC01:18 PM01:27 PMA01:45 PM01:55 PM02:04 PM 02:13 PM
Nomad IndoorPIA12:14 PM12:54 PMJ01:27 PM01:36 PMB01:54 PM02:04 PM02:13 PM 02:22 PM
Penn-Trafford HSPSCA12:23 PM01:03 PMA01:36 PM01:45 PMA02:03 PM02:13 PM02:22 PM 02:31 PM
Class Break 02:31 PM 
Louisville Male HSPSCO12:34 PM01:14 PMI01:44 PM01:54 PMB02:14 PM02:24 PM02:34 PM 02:44 PM
Class Break 02:44 PM 
Tunstall HSPSCW12:46 PM01:26 PMG01:53 PM02:04 PMA02:26 PM02:36 PM02:47 PM 02:58 PM
Break 02:58 PM 
Halls HSPSO01:10 PM01:50 PME02:20 PM02:30 PMB02:50 PM03:00 PM03:10 PM 03:20 PM
Mt. Juliet Combined SchoolsPSO01:20 PM02:00 PMK02:30 PM02:40 PMA03:00 PM03:10 PM03:20 PM 03:30 PM
Victor HSPSO01:30 PM02:10 PMD02:40 PM02:50 PMB03:10 PM03:20 PM03:30 PM 03:40 PM
Victor J. Andrew HSPSO01:40 PM02:20 PML02:50 PM03:00 PMA03:20 PM03:30 PM03:40 PM 03:50 PM
Walled Lake Consolidated School DistrictPSO01:50 PM02:30 PMB03:00 PM03:10 PMB03:30 PM03:40 PM03:50 PM 04:00 PM
Belleville East HSPSO02:00 PM02:40 PMF03:10 PM03:20 PMA03:40 PM03:50 PM04:00 PM 04:10 PM
Francis Howell Combined SchoolsPSO02:10 PM02:50 PMH03:20 PM03:30 PMB03:50 PM04:00 PM04:10 PM 04:20 PM
FIU PercussionPIO02:20 PM03:00 PMC03:30 PM03:40 PMA04:00 PM04:10 PM04:20 PM 04:30 PM
Motor City PercussionPIO02:30 PM03:10 PMJ03:40 PM03:50 PMB04:10 PM04:20 PM04:30 PM 04:40 PM
Triple CrownPIO02:40 PM03:20 PMA03:50 PM04:00 PMA04:20 PM04:30 PM04:40 PM 04:50 PM
Break 04:50 PM 
Centerville HSPSW03:04 PM03:44 PMI04:11 PM04:22 PMB04:44 PM04:54 PM05:05 PM 05:16 PM
Lebanon HSPSW03:15 PM03:55 PMG04:22 PM04:33 PMA04:55 PM05:05 PM05:16 PM 05:27 PM
Broken Arrow HSPSW03:26 PM04:06 PME04:33 PM04:44 PMB05:06 PM05:16 PM05:27 PM 05:38 PM
United PercussionPIW03:37 PM04:17 PMK04:44 PM04:55 PMA05:17 PM05:27 PM05:38 PM 05:49 PM
Cap City PercussionPIW03:48 PM04:28 PMD04:55 PM05:06 PMB05:28 PM05:38 PM05:49 PM 06:00 PM
Atlanta QuestPIW03:59 PM04:39 PML05:06 PM05:17 PMA05:39 PM05:49 PM06:00 PM 06:11 PM
ConneXusPIW04:10 PM04:50 PMB05:17 PM05:28 PMB05:50 PM06:00 PM06:11 PM 06:22 PM
Rhythm XPIW04:21 PM05:01 PMF05:28 PM05:39 PMA06:01 PM06:11 PM06:22 PM 06:33 PM
Freedom PercussionPIW04:32 PM05:12 PMH05:39 PM05:50 PMB06:12 PM06:22 PM06:33 PM 06:44 PM
INOV8PIW04:43 PM05:23 PMC05:50 PM06:01 PMA06:23 PM06:33 PM06:44 PM 06:55 PM
End Time  06:55 PM